There’s a video going around the internet called “Why Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu.” The video is respectful toward women. There is no speaking, and it’s safe for work, so you can watch it without sound if you need. It’s worth a watch:


Katie from A Skirt on the Mat wrote about it yesterday. She wrote that she’d seen several negative opinions about the video. Personally, I thought it was wonderful.

This is vastly different than the Mata Leon gi commercial, in which a woman defends herself from burglars, and she does it with no pants! Again, no words – but this is not as safe for work. The uploader called it “Sexy Kimono BJJ” and described it as This crazy chick kicks butt in this sexy kimono ad commercial. I would take the beating from this hottie any day! 


The first video seems to be directed at women, while the second more at the male voyeur. I don’t say that in a “OMG DUDES ARE FANTASIZING ABOUT WOMEN AND THAT’S BAD” way – but more in a way that I think that the audiences are intentionally different. One is playing upon a woman’s concern, the other upon a male fantasy. For example, here are some of the comments written at DSTRYRsg:

This crazy chick kicks butt in this sexy kimono ad commercial. I would take the beating from this hottie any day!

Anyone who says sex doesn’t sell in BJJ is probably not being honest enough.  We’re talking about a very attractive young lady, in nothing but panties and a gi top, triangle chocking the crap out of a dude.  We’re only human, right grapplers?

Let’s now compare the videos to this image that was circulating a while back:

Art by Mariste - go check out her Facebook site!

Art by Mariste – go check out her Facebook site!

Edited to add: My reaction to this comic is slightly different knowing that it was done by a individual for her personal site rather than for a company. I unknowingly posted it with the artist’s name stripped and a big name gi company in its stead – that SUCKS. My apologies for posting that without artist credit, and a HUGE thanks to Malcolm for bringing it up!! Go check out Mariste’s BJJ drawings on her Facebook site!

Personally, I had a weird reaction to the cartoon. Sure, it’s got a similar message to the video, but it left me with a neutral reaction. Perhaps it was the the term “girls” vs “women” – when I see “why girls should learn BJJ” it feels slightly less mature than the phrase “why women should learn BJJ.” Part of it could have been the intentional caricature of a rapist or bad guy – it is hyperbole, an intentional black hat, an over the top exaggeration. I’ve never met that weird, zombie would-be rapist before. However, in the video, that guy is AnyGuy – he’s the guy I am concerned about meeting in a bar. He’s the one who intentionally crosses boundaries – both socially and physically – and I’d be concerned about being alone with him. He’s the “normal” guy I would be concerned about.

As Katie put it:

The video here is a much more tasteful portrayal of a situation that every woman will instantly recognize, even if they do not have personal experience with it: the pushy advances of a man, who just doesn’t want to take no for an answer. The fear here is being overpowered, and taken out of the bar to a place where help cannot reach you.

I think it’s a great video, and one that I could identify with. The caricature – sure, it has the right message, but is presented in a way that is harder to identify with.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What were your thoughts on/reactions to the video or cartoon? Have you seen other depictions like these? Please link them below if you have. Have you seen other