Dear BJJ women, I’m putting together an article, and I’d like your stories. Men, if you’ve seen examples this, you can submit on behalf of a woman you know.

Within the context of BJJ, what inappropriate comments have you received? Examples might include:

  • comments on your pictures
  • comments on your videos
  • messages from online dating
  • messages from online forums
  • comments during BJJ class
  • comments during sparring

Please do not post as a comment. Please email them to me by Saturday, December 14 to julia at The subject line should read BJJ: Inappropriate comments. In your email, please let me know what you would like to be referred as–you can be anonymous or not. I can link to your account or not.

Jiu Jiu’s note: I know that men receive inappropriate comments as well, but this is the time and place for women’s experiences. If you write an article about inappropriate comments men receive, or want to collect men’s experiences, I’m happy to post a link here.