After the phenomenal conversation that took off on my blog about the Why Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu video, I realized a few things about this video:

  • It’s not for me. I’m already in the Cult of Jiu Jitsu. I’ve drunk the Flavor-aid. I’m converted. Shut up and take my money.
  • It’s an ad, not a technique video. It sells the Idea of BJJ, it is not intended to sell the Cross Collar Choke for only 3 easy payments of $19.99.

So I went to the masses and posted the video on my Facebook feed. I asked non-BJJ folks what their opinions of it were. After all, they were the ones it was marketed to. The responses I got were amazing. If you haven’t seen the video yet, please take a quick watch. No sound is needed, and it’s safe for work.


Non-Jiu Jitsu Women’s Reactions

Jaylene: Looks like a potential lawsuit to me. If she had actually been in danger, instead of dealing with a drunk idiot who just stopped her from getting up, maybe. But this? No.

Lauren: First thought: I’d prefer to use my words or indicate to a bartender that unwelcome attention or overly aggressive behavior was taking place. Second thought: well, it could be useful to know how to render someone unconscious…

Rachel: The alternative might be VERY LOUD SCREAMING AND YELLING which would be embarrassing and humiliating [for him]. I think she was nice.

Pamila: As to the video – I don’t know that I could be that calm if someone put their hands on me. I’m more of a drop-my-stuff-and-get-in-fighting-stance kind of gal. Just dropping your purse, phone, books, anything in your hands is a powerful signal. … and… I don’t think he was drunk. If you look in the first few seconds, he seems to pull something from his jacket and put something in the drink he puts in front of her. That’s not drunk, that’s pre-meditated… and oh-so-dangerous!

As an ad for bjj, it’s a good one… doesn’t play on fear too heavily, it’s a pretty realistic scenario, and it’s also vague enough to be open to some interpretation. The only real question I have about bjj is from a psych point of view. often people feel “frozen” when fear kicks in. And a situation like that is pretty frightening. I wonder how much training is done in bjj to counter the fear response.

Lauren: Wow, Pamila, you’re right. I missed that the first time around. After re-watching the video I got a much stronger sense of danger from the interaction at every moment, and am less inclined to view her response as a touch extreme.

Non-Jiu Jitsu Men’s Reactions

Adam:  I think what she did was fine. What the guy did was harassment with a large potential for sexual assault and all she did was do something non-lethal (and not some crazy judo move).

Michael: My father was a hostage negotiator and a physical force instructor for Washington State for 20 years and this is something I feel very strong about. The moment he put his hands on her game is over…what she did was perfectly acceptable given his size, the situation, his drunkenness, and the fact she was alone. Women (not all but some) make excuses for men being assholes all the time which can lead to lots of stuff and in worse case scenerio assault…Julia I follow your BJJ stuff closely and I sincerely appreciate you posting this as a way to raise awareness. My two cents.

Nick: I want to chime in FULL agreement with Michael. He started being physical, and this was a quiet way to ensure she got to leave safely. Talking with the bartender (who may have been a friend of his) or allowing the (already physical) encounter to possibly escalate could have been dangerous. Not all men agree with Michael and I and until ALL men start standing against this type of shit (his behaviour) women need to rely on themselves to be safe.

Non-Jiu Jitsu Reactions are Flat Different

On this site, many of the comments in our discussion of the video seemed to be about the technique – and our daily struggle to do anything on the mats. That the video made the technique seem so easy and that made some smaller or suckier folks feel bad.

On my Facebook site, as you saw, most of the reaction was them negatively responding to the man, and a fear of the physical confrontation, and that she was able to handle things. That he physically violated her and she was in danger. The more the video was watched, the more they empathized with the woman in the video, and the creepier the guy was.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: To my dear, non-jiu jitsu folks who are reading, what are your reactions to this video? To my jiu jitsu folks reading – your assignment (should you choose to take it), is to post this video on your Facebook feed and ask specifically for NON-BJJ folks’ reactions to the video, then come back here and post it! Remember – posting comments enters you in the commenting contest!