I’ve always been a hair person. For a great deal of my life it was long enough to touch the top of my pants. Any time I would cut it short I would immediately start growing out. My hair is soft and feminine and I’ve always listed it as one of my favorite physical features. About two years ago I took several inches off and it’s a comfortable length. For the most part I just put it up in a ponytail. It’s a seriously low-maintenance haircut.

Zhytomyr Bus Stop!

Still need to cut about 2 inches off

But, with BJJ, my hair now feels REALLY long. Too long to be really comfortable rolling on the mats. I have to constantly fix my hair because it gets in my face and in my eyes and in my partner’s mouth. I usually wear it in a ponytail because if I use a bun it can really get in my way.

It starts off fine, but then quickly moves into this tangled mess:

Woman (me) doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Would YOU want this in your face?

So I’ve been toying around with the idea of cutting it. And by cutting it I mean shaving it. I am going to give it some time. No worries about me chopping it all off tonight, but if I do end up going to Brazil in 2013 I’m seriously considering doing it. It’s been on my mind so much that today, in my jet-lag induced nap I had a dream about it.

In my dream I was talking to my dad and my dad had a fancy electric shaver with the kind of blades you’d usually find in a fancy razor. You know, the kind where you buy the packs of razor blades and unscrew the top and put a new blade in? Well in my dream you can go to Fred Meyer and have them sharpen your blades. I decided in my dream “YEAH, I’ll shave my head!” but decided I’d leave a fringe in the front. My father said I could use his shaver but he was out of blades. So we went to Fred Meyer and they were sharpening the blades, and I started looking around at the different models. I finally went outside, tired of waiting for the blades, and so I bought some new blades. I tied my hair into a tight ponytail and took the razor blade and just started cutting it off with no shaver. As I was about 80% finished the cops came and tried to take me away and a psychiatrist was asking me why I was doing this.

Not me, but it COULD have been!

So apparently the whole shaving my head thing has been on my mind. I also realize I may not SHAVE it, but rather get a teensy tiny haircut. It leads me to ask this question to the ladies: who has changed their haircuts to fit their BJJ lifestyle? Or have you resisted and kept the long hair? What do you do with your long hair when you roll?

Updated 7/28/2013: I wanted to show what I ended up with. Also because MegJitsu has a great gallery of BJJ hair, and Meg from Tangled Triangle has advice for BJJ and Afro hair.

From the different angles and also sweaty

From the different angles and also sweaty