JiuJiu’s Note: Jenn from MAMA emailed me this article, and I wanted to support her!

Attention all female martial artists! I am working on a collection of stories about women who train. The theme is “Unexpected lessons from the martial arts”, so I am specifically looking for things that are slightly outside the “typical” experiences (not just how karate helped you build self confidence.) Funny, sad, or serious stories are welcome, as I would like to include a variety of ideas.

All levels and styles welcome, white belts, black belts, jiu-jitsu players, mma fighters, boxers, traditional karateka, etc.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please email a one or two paragraph summary of your story to martialmama@gmail.com Do not post it here. If I am interested in including it I may email you or set up an interview for more details.

Please pass this on to any female you know who trains.