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Women in BJJ Guest Post: I’m Not Sorry

Moderator’s note: I am on vacation in America for the summer. I’ll be in Washington until July 7, and then I’ll be in Virginia! While this article is not specifically about jiu jitsu, after I read it I immediately saw the implications for women in jiu jitsu. How many new women have apologized for having […]

BJJ Women: Rectifying the “Gentle Art” with Competition

BJJ Women: Rectifying the “Gentle Art” with Competition

Today’s article is a guest post by Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner, the woman behind of one of my favorite Jiu Jitsu blogs, Jiu Jiu invited me to write a post, and I’ve been really wishy-washy about what I want to write about– which means it just hasn’t gotten done.  But she gave me some things that […]

BJJ and women: Unexpected Lessons from the Martial Arts

JiuJiu’s Note: Jenn from MAMA emailed me this article, and I wanted to support her! Attention all female martial artists! I am working on a collection of stories about women who train. The theme is “Unexpected lessons from the martial arts”, so I am specifically looking for things that are slightly outside the “typical” experiences […]