Please let me know about any BJJ events in Korea – I’d love to promote them on my blog!

You are also welcome to submit articles for me to publish on my blog. However, as of now I am only accepting a very limited type of articles, and I would like them to be original material:

  • Reviews/Information about Jiu Jitsu academies/seminars in Asia (potentially in former soviet countries)
  • Reviews/Information about Korean BJJ products/books/sites
  • Reviews/Information about women’s Jiu Jitsu classes/programs/clubs/seminars

For me, if you are writing about your home jiu jitsu academy, I’d like it to include information that would be helpful for foreigners who may be visiting that gym. If it is your HOME gym, you will be able to provide extra information that would be helpful – more so than if you had only visited that academy once. Because of that, I would like you to include as much of the following as you can:

  • Format of your classes – do you all line up/circle up/form a group pyramid at the beginning of class? Do you stand in order of belts? This sort of thing.
  • Unwritten rules – if you are late, can you just join class or do you do pushups? Should you call the instructor sabumnim/coach/first name/”Hey You”?
  • Class makeup – how many women/foreigners/belt distribution/class size.

Please also include an interview with your coach! Introduce him/her to everyone! If your coach is Korean and you don’t speak Korean, here’s what you can do:

  • Copy the interview questions in Korean from this article.
  • Email them to your coach.
  • When your coach emails them back to you, cut and paste his responses at the end of your article – no need to translate!
  • After you send it to me, I will have my staff add Korean translations of your English, and English translations of the Korean! (okay, not my staff, but my fellow BJJ-in-arms DK!)
  • Please keep the style similar to these three articles: the Isami page, my academy reviews, or Daniel’s academy review.

I also take submissions for blog post ideas! Or for how to improve my site! Feel free to send me an email!