I bought my OTM Jiu-Jitsu Woodcut Longsleeve Rash Guard in size medium in April 2011 and I absolutely adore it.

Here is the stock, ghost-grappler image:

Invisible grapplers!

Here is my own personal one, taken about a year later:

My own rash guard, about a year old

Here is the back:

The back

This thing has held up QUITE well over the past year. It’s gotten a lot of usage – and if you’re familiar with my blog, you’ve definitely seen it before–look in the title bar above! Here are the only minor issues, and they’re so minor I don’t consider them issues, but mention them for the sake of this review.

Cons: a few loose threads.
About 2-3 very small threads have come loose. These have not unraveled, nor have they gotten very long. One is on the outside near my neck, and two are near the hands – the threads have come loose but not free. This is not surprising to me – but surprising because they have not unraveled – something that has happened in other rash guards.

A few small threads that have come loose

Cons: Linty/Pilling arm seams
The seams along my arms on the outside are not as smooth as they once were. This may have to do with me not following the recommended washing procedures, as I prefer to wash in hot water rather than cold. You can sort of see it here:

This shows how long the sleeves can be, and on the right you can see it’s a bit pilled.

What I love about this rash guard:

Pros: The fabric.
According to their website, OTM rash guards are made of the best premium imported lycra. * 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex. This rash guard feels high quality – it’s not thin, but it’s not so think I want to die in the summertime. Summers in Korea get very hot and humid, and I have no issue wearing this in that weather – it feels cooling and still feels slick. I like how slick it feels as well – not quite slippery, but it stays nice even when drenched in sweat. When I pull it over my head, I don’t hear any rips or threads breaking, I feel like I could pull the crap out of this thing and it would continue to fit me. I have washed it in very hot water, but have only line dried it.

Pros: The size/fit
First is that it’s stayed with me, sizewise. My rash guard has shrunk down to fit me as I’ve lost weight. This is quite different than the Under Armour rash guards I bought, which essentially retained its shape even though I shrunk – I got rid of those ones and kept this.This is a medium. I’m a bit of a shorty at 5’4″ and this CAN fit someone with arms at least 1″ longer than mine, but it is so stretchy that it fits my arms quite nicely. Additionally, it’s extremely long, so I can literally pull it down to past my bum:

I’d like to compare my measurements when I bought it and now:

Belly – was 41″ now 36.5″
Hips – were 44″ now 40″
Chest in a sports bra – was 38.5″ now 36″
Arms – were 14″ around biceps now “13”

It has just felt snug, but not TIGHT. Here’s what it looks like when I pull it up a bit – it’s a bit wrinkly, but still feels nice and snug. I’ve also never had it ride up, and I think that’s because it’s got that nice length.

Please to be ignoring the lumpy bumpiness caused by wearing compression shorts!

Pros: The stitching
Whoa – how can this be a pro and a con? Because I like the style of the stitching, overall it has held up extremely well, and I think it speaks to its quality that nothing has actually unraveled. Look how well this has held up:

The surging is super high quality, unlike my photos

Pros: The design
Seriously – this is brilliant. This type of printing will definitely crack and peel over time, and mine has begun to crack. However, because of the “aged” look, the cracking blends into the design itself. Here, you can see the cracking along the top, but the printed section at the bottom that deliberately looks worn/peeled. Seriously great forethought. I fell in love with the art. I think it looks classy, it looks arty, and I freaking love how it looks.

What an amazing feature!

Mixed: Boob self-awareness
Could go positive or negative – when I wear this things, my boobs feel really huge. Mostly because of how the design covers them, so they definitely feel a bit stand-out-ish when I wear it and look down. I think if you are self-conscious about having big boobs, this is not a good design for you. But if you’re comfortable with them, or you like the idea of them feeling “enhanced” then this is a good design. I doubt your teammates will notice – it’s just something I was aware of when I first started wearing it.

Sincerely my favorite rash guard, and the one I consistently pick. Love this thing and would buy another in a heartbeat. Well worth the $45-50 sticker price, and looks like this is still available in some places.