Dear BJJHQ, we’ve known each other for quite some time now, and it’s time we had a serious talk.

You are so tantalizing with your amazing BJJ offers, like my Estilo 3.0 gi for only $100, those Tatami fight shorts for $30, my Tatami Zero G 2.0 for $90, and those are only the ones I’ve bought. You make it so hard to stay away from you because I need another rash guard. I need another gi. I need…


OMG! I think that the H in your name stands for HYPNOTISM! You’ve put me under your spell by offering something for only 24 hours at a time, or the rolling deals, where you offer 24 different deals in 24 hours, only an hour each time? I stare at you longingly, caressing my wallet, pulling out my credit card. What’s that? Shipping in the US for only $5? To Korea for $15? Wow – sexy. Gi shipping is only $15 to the US? Why yes, send that to my parents. I’ll visit them over Christmastime.

NO! STOP IT! NO MORE! This can’t go on! I need to pay off my credit cards! I have 4 gis already. I have 3 rash guards. I have…only one pair of fight shorts! I think I need another pair! Definitely! And your customer service – wow. When you shipped the wrong gi and then helped me quickly and efficiently – that was amazing. You answer my emails so quickly, and even sent me a gi to review. Yes, yes, I think I definitely need that pair of shorts. And they’re only offered for the next 22 hours? I’d better jump on it now.


WAIT! You idiot! We only do nogi once per week! You don’t NEED it. BJJHQ is simply up to its old tricks of offering sweet deals for limited times. It makes you FEEL like you NEED it and need it NOW! Argh. I fall for it every time. Must. Stay. Away. From. Website. And yet, there’s that email from you, beckoning me to come and buy those grappling shorts.

Okay start over.

BJJHQ I love you

It’s not you, it’s me.

What’s that? Nah, no need to remove me from your mailing list. I’ll be strong.


Have you purchased anything from BJJHQ? What did you buy? Did you know about it before? Does it compel you to pull out your credit card as well? Eeeevil! I LOVE THEM!

Full disclosure: Aaron from BJJHQ sent me a gi to review, which will be going up soon at By that time I’d already purchased a few things from them and had already had really good customer service.