I currently own 9 gis. It’s taken quite a lot for me to figure out which sizes fit, how I like them to fit, and which are my favorites. The different companies fit quite differently, so I thought I would share my impressions of each of the gis I own.

The inspiration: Georgette posted a list of the 20+ gis that she owned, along with which ones she liked. I commented to her about the 9 gis I own, and when she asked for my sizes, I decided to write a long overdue post about it. Please go wish her love and tell her you heard about it here!


Height: 5’4″
Weight: 150-157 lbs, depending on the day
Calves: 16.5″
Thighs: 24″
Hips/Butt: 39.5″
Belly: 35.5″
Waist (smallest part): 30″
Chest: 36″ (34″ in a sports bra)
Biceps: 12.5″


I rate my sizing from 1-5. Think Goldilocks zones – looking for juuust right when it comes to fit. A little bit long or a little bit short will be okay, but definitely seeking perfection. Perfection is different for different people. For example, in general, my idea of “perfection” for pants may be someone else’s “a little too loose,” and my tops they might consider “a little too tight.” Again, these are my personal preference. I made a scale for you.

My Goldilocks Scale, invented and drawn by me!

My Goldilocks Scale, invented and drawn by me!

On to the gis!

Atama Women’s Leticia Ribeiro Signature Gi – White. Size A1  Overall: A+ This is my favorite gi. I picked it up brand-new in Japan for just $40. No joke. It’s my lucky gi.

The top: 3  Wonderfully fitted, it stays in place, fits exactly where I love it on the wrists, stays closed, I can crab walk in it. It’s like a second skin.

The bottoms: 3  They fit exactly to the tops of my feet, I can kneel in them comfortably, and they stay up.

Fuji Pink Blossom Women’s Gi. Size W1  Overall: A-  This is one of my go-to gis. Because it’s baggy, I put it in the dryer, no worries. I picked this up for around $90.

The top: 4  It’s on the baggy side. The arms are definitely wider, and there’s just a lot more space in the gi.

The bottoms: 3  They are slightly looser than the Leticia gi, but definitely not too loose. They’re loose exactly the way I love them. These are awesome trousers. One of my favorites.

Do Or Die – Hyperfly Gi – Koifish Womens – White w/ Pink Trim. Size A1  Overall: 3.5  This gi has my favorite story. I was at a seminar and saw a woman wearing this gi. It was clearly too small for her. Back home I had a Fuji Pink Blossom in a W2 – too big. Turns out this woman was Elena Stowell, and we swapped gis! How cool is that?

The top: 4  It’s also on the baggy side. The fit is very similar to the Fuji.

The bottoms: 3  Just like the Fuji, these are the perfect amount of loose. I love these pants. They also have a stretchy pink crotch, which I think is funny.

Tatami Estilo 3.0 and Zero G. Size F3  Overall: B+  I’ve reviewed the Estilo 3.0 before. I think the Zero G has the exact same fit. I love the tops – love them love them love them, but the bottoms are SO SHORT and SO TIGHT that I end up wearing a different brand of trousers. It’s disappointing.

The top: 3  It fits me like a glove. I love this gi. It fits SLIGHTLY more narrow than the Leticia gi, but in a way that is awesome. Not uncomfortable at all, but at the same time, not “a little bit tight.” – It’s fitted as though it’s tailored to me.

The bottoms: 1  They suck. They’re SO SMALL. I decided to order some F4 pants, hoping they would fit, and those are also so freaking small. Ugh. If you are interested in any Zero G F4 pants, please let me know! Cheap cheap cheap!

Muaewear Oniwakamaru Limited Edition Jiu Jitsu Gi. Size A0  Overall: D  I spent far too much money on this gi. I think $200? Maybe more. It was SO COOL. It clouded my judgment, and now I have a gi that just doesn’t fit, and I won’t wear it. If you want to buy it, please make me an offer!

The top: 5  Way too big. It’s the smallest size, and yet I still swim in this. The arms go down to my thumbs, the torso is huge, and I can pull my arms out of it if someone yanks on my wrist grips.

The bottoms: 1  Seriously – what the hell is with the SUPER SHORT and SUPER NARROW legs. Ugh. Seriously unwearable by me.

Inverted Gear Black Gold-Weave Panda Gi. Size A0  Overall: C   Again, a gi that I fell in love with, but the reality = not super awesome. I don’t wear this for a few reasons. 1. Only purple and above can wear black gis at my gym. 2. I had to mix and match pants on this gi.

The top: 4  It’s totally wearable, albeit bigger than I usually like.

The bottoms: 1  Can I mention again how much too-small bottoms piss me off?

93 Brand “100 KG” V2 Unbleached BJJ Gi. Top Size A0, Bottom size A1  Overall: A- This was sent to me to review. I’m hoping to get the review up this week. I initially tried an A1, and it was completely massive on me, but the pants were PERFECT. The score is based on the mismatched top and bottoms. This is overall the most physically comfortable gi I own.

The top: 4  It’s on the baggy side of fitting. I wash and dry this in a machine. It’s extremely comfortable, which is why I still wear it, but at the same time, it’s also super easy to grab because of how soft it is.

The bottoms: 3  Perfect. Seriously. Perfect.

Submission Fight Co Blue Mania Gi. Size A1  Overall: B+  This was also sent to me to review. I’ve worn it one time, unwashed, so please take this with a grain of salt. Out of the bag it really did fit me perfectly. It will be interesting to find out if/how much it shrinks.

The top: 3  The fit on this was awesome, although the tape is very scratchy on my wrists. The arms are perfectly tailored, and the length is absolutely perfect.

The bottoms: 2  They’re slightly on the narrow side of fitting. Not in a way that is uncomfortable, but in that I would be concerned about the fit if it shrinks.

The Winner: Leticia Ribeiro gi. Between the awesome price and the awesome fit of both the top and the bottom, this one is my favorite.

My rotation: In general, I wear 3 gis the most. My Leticia, my Fuji, and my Hyperfly.

The Loser: Muaewear Oniwakamaru: Too big top coupled with WAY too small bottoms and an expensive price tag = a waste of my money. Sad sad because it’s an awesome looking gi.

Mens vs Women’s gis. Ignoring Tatami as the outlier, I have found women’s cuts are more tailored in the top and have more space for ample thighs and butts. In general, I prefer a women’s sized gi, and I especially notice the fit in the armpits.

So there you have it – I prefer a more tailored top and looser bottoms. My biggest pet peeve is tiny, child-sized trousers. I’m SERIOUSLY sick and tired of having to order a second gi so that I can HOPEFULLY get a matching set. Ugh.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What is your height/weight, and what gis do you own? Which sizes are they, and how do they fit? Which gi is your favorite/least favorite, and why?

Edit: overall scores were changed to grades for ease of understanding.