After much delay, I’m excited to bring you a review of the 93 Brand “100 KG” Unbleached kimono! I was sent this gi for the purpose of review by Aaron from BJJHQ. Please note that this is for Version 1, and Version 2 is now being sold. Note: I have been told that the Version 2 has thinner tape and is pre-shrunk better.


Here are the sizes for 93 Brand’s “100 KG” kimono. I have the A0 top and A1 bottoms.

Height  (inches)
Weight  (lbs)
A0 5’0″ – 5’4″ 110-140
A1F 5’4″ – 5’8″ 120-140
A1 5’4″ – 5’8″ 140-165
A1L 5’6″ – 5’11” 135-165
A2 5’9″ – 6’0″ 165-185
A2L 5’11” – 6’2″ 160-185
A2H 5’8″ – 6’0″ 210-240
A3 5’11” – 6’2″ 190-220
A3L 6’2″ – 6’5″ 195-225
A4 6’2″ – 6’4″ 220-260
A5 6’4″ – 6’7″ 250-275

I am 5’4″ and my weight fluctuates between 150-155. It’s not uncommon for men’s sizing to be completely different for women, such as my Black Eagle A2.5 debacle. I was initially sent an A1, but the top was much too large, despite washing on hot water several times. Aaron was kind enough to send me an A0 top, which fit much better.


I wash my gis on HOT, several times, and I put them in the dryer. I like to shrink them as small as they will go so that I don’t have to worry about future shrinkage.

I was warned that the gi was unbleached cotton, and I should expect it to shrink. There was extremely significant shrinkage in the arm and leg length. Note: I have been informed that the Version 2 is pre-shrunk better.

Before and after washing

Before and after washing

Before and after washing

Before and after washing

The specs

From Rollmore:

In Brazil they refer to the side control position as 100 Kilos. Why? Well if you’ve rolled with a black belt who has a serious top game, you’ve got your answer.

In the spirit of traditional, crushing top games, the 100 Kilo Gi from 93 Brand is made from an unbleached old school cotton.


Note: the Version 2 has thinner tape

The gold weave jacket has dark grey contrast stitching at the edges (cuff, skirt, vents) but color matched stitching throughout the body and collar. Same goes for the pants, which are mostly color-matched stitching with contrast near the edges (along with a triple-stitched knee reinforcement border). To keep the padding sufficient even through your toughest sessions, 93 Brand used the gold weave fabric to back the knees. We also see the gold weave make an appearance through the crotch gusset for added comfort and durability. The woven patches on the pants are special edition New York patches, since the West Coast gets a lot of love in the grappling world, we’re happy to see 93 Brand giving a shout out to their home.

Note: Since this kimono is not bleached, it is subsequently not pre-shrunk. Be sure to wash your Gi before training to prevent shedding, and be sure to wash it alone (otherwise the washed items may pick up some shedding fabric).

  • Unbleached natural cotton
  • 450 GSM Gold Weave jacket
  • 10 oz cotton pants
  • Minimal contrast stitching
  • New York influenced patches
  • Custom 93 Brand taping
  • Gold weave lined knees
  • Extended knee reinforcements
  • Gold weave crotch gusset
  • Stretchy cord drawstring
  • 6 drawstring loops

The look

Because it is not white, but rather a sand color, this gi drew a lot of attention when I wore it to class. I personally liked how it looked, but several teammates thought it looked like I was wearing a gi that was sweat stained. We have had one or two folks with formerly-white gis that ended up this sandy color, so it drew an unfortunate comparison. Thankfully, I am a clean enough person that it simply confused them.

I loved the look of the burgundy against the unbleached cotton, although the Version 2 has now switched to a grey cord.

It has minimal patches, which is nice for folks who don’t want bling.


93 Brand 100 Kilo gi right out of the bag

I noticed right away that the inside seams were frayed. It looks like a sewing issue. It was present in several places around the gi. They did not cause any problems – it is simply a workmanship issue of the fabric not fully being turned over.

This fraying was present along many of the seams

This fraying was present along many of the seams

The fit: TOP

My measurements: Height 5’4″, weight 150, chest 35″ (in a sports bra), waist 30″, biceps 12.5″, tummy at the widest point 35″. My general preference is for a very fitted top. Overall this gi is the perfect length, but is narrow around my waist and baggy around the arms.

The fit of the 93 Brand 100kg jacket

The fit of the 93 Brand 100kg jacket


The jacket fits the sweet spot on my wrists. It perfectly comes between my wrist bone and bottom of my thumb bone. The armpit is in my actual armpit rather than down on my ribcage. The arms are narrow enough that I cannot pull my arm out if someone grabs the wrist, but it is still baggy enough that folks can get a very solid grip along the arm.

It is too narrow in the body/waist and doesn’t overlap very much–after more washings, it only overlaps where the thick collar is. It means that unless I have just fixed my gi and am wearing a belt, it is not closed.

The 100kg gi stays on in a variety of positions, not coming off my shoulders or coming over my head if someone yanks it up while I’m turtling. It does bunch up around my shoulders when I am in certain positions, such as the downward facing dog – but it still fits.

The fit: BOTTOM

My measurements: Height 5’4″, weight 150, hips 39″, thigh 23″, calf 16″. My general preference is for a loose fitting trouser that exactly hits the top of my foot when I tie it by my belly button. Overall these trousers are the perfect width, but are too short for my liking.

These trousers have shrunk even further from the time of the pictures

These trousers have shrunk even further from the time of the pictures

As you can see in the picture above, these are tied at my hip bone, which is still comfortable for me, though my preference is to tie above my hip bone, at my belly button. I like to do that so that I reduce the risk of plumber’s crack when bending down.

When I wear it tied up where I like it best, they are around 4″ higher than my foot. They have shrunk so that they are now fitted, but the material is soft and flexible enough that it has a lot of give. I find them quite comfortable, although short.

I wear spats under my gis, and when I do, I find I don’t notice the length of my trousers as much, and it reduces risk of flashing crack. With the spats, I find I like wearing these trousers.

The feel

This gi is freakily soft. Even after all the wear and washes, it is absolutely soft. The material is quite pliable and has a lot of give to it. That’s both good and bad. Good because I would feel comfortable wearing this with only a sports bra underneath without fear of getting scratched up. Good because even when the trousers shrunk, there was still give in the thighs. Bad because teammates can get a Super Grip and not let go. They loved when I wore this gi because they could sink their grip in, all the while commenting how amazing.y soft the gi felt in their Hulk Grip. It didn’t hurt their hands at all!

The tape was not noticeable. I have very sensitive skin, and there was no scratchiness at all.

Pricing (Note: Compare current prices before you buy!)

Rollmore sells the Version 2 for $139.99

Martial Arts Supplies also sells Version 2 for $139.99

Tatami has Version 1 for £85.00 Inc VAT

BJJHQ had the Version 2 for $100

To sum up

I loved how soft and comfortable this gi was, but the sizing was not great for my body type. Even with the different sized top and bottom, the jacket was baggy in some places, and too narrow in others, while the trousers were perfect in width but too short. I would be curious about the fit of the A1F jacket and the A1L trousers.

I liked the gi enough that I continued wearing it, and likely will continue wearing it in the future because the fabric is so comfortable.

Disclosure and thanks

Disclosure: Aaron from BJJHQ sent me this gi. It was sent with the intent of writing a review. This did not influence my review. Please visit BJJHQ for a deal a day, and “like” their Facebook!

Thank you SO MUCH Aaron for sending this out, and again my sincere apologies on the delay.