Welcome to my blog! Here is a selection of 10 helpful/funny/interesting/popular posts. Note: clicking on any of these links will open them in new pages.

I do my best to maintain conversations, so if you post something, please be assured I’ll read it. Often people subscribe to the comments, so they’ll read yours as well.  Please be friendly – I’m a real person with real feelings. I started this blog maybe 2 months after I started jiu jitsu, and so my blog has evolved, along with my game.

1. Why I started doing BJJ. I wrote this 2 or 3 months after starting BJJ, so all those emotions were very fresh.

2. Tell about YOUR BJJ blog. Please do! Pimp your blog here!

3. Cauliflower ear – by far my most popular post. What it is, how to deal with it, how to prevent it.

4. Women and BJJ: Femininity – my second most popular post. Superficial? Maybe, but still – something that often women who start BJJ are concerned about.

5. Cool gi folding trick I found. It is a simple way to carry a gi if you don’t want to use a bag.

6. What do you need/want in a BJJ school? Something to think about, as well as how can you give back to your school.

7. What do you love about your BJJ school? Feel free to pimp your school/instructor here.

8. Hidden rules in BJJ. Not all rules are posted. If you’re looking to visit a school, this may be helpful.

9. Losing myself in BJJ. I lost a lot of weight/size with jiu jitsu. See my progress here!

10. White belts behaving badly online. Want to avoid being “that guy” online? Look here! 🙂