I just uploaded 18 pics from my Hong Kong trip to my Flickr. I like to upload a maximum of 18 per day–it’s exactly the amount that fits on the first page of my photostream. I’ll be uploading more tomorrow and the day after as well.

The trip was very unexpected. I was at my friend’s apartment and he says “Hey, Hong Kong is really close. Have you ever wanted to go.” Me: sure! Him: How about this weekend. Me: It’s Tuesday! Him: Let’s do it!

We decided for sure on Wednesday, and bought tickets on Thursday, then were in Hong Kong on Friday night and came back Sunday night.

You always hear of things like that happening on tv shows or movies–someone saying “Hey, let’s go to X place for the weekend!” and the other person turning them down for whatever reason. I decided it would be really awesome to have the adventure.

Here is me in Hong Kong!

At the “Symphony of Lights” in Hong Kong

So I went on a really fun adventure, got so many cool pictures and videos. My friend and I did as much as we could in the 2 nights, 1 day. It was a crazy awesome trip. He’s talking about going back for a week. OMG YES! ^_^

My advice: Someone asks you if you want to go on a weekend trip somewhere, JUST SAY YES! ^_^

Dim Sum piggies!