Have you ever not returned a phone call to someone, and then you realize that the amount of time you have not-talked to them has exceeded normal socially acceptable amounts, and then thinking about how much time you’ve not-contacted them adds more pressure and then you don’t contact them even longer?


Bless me, Saulo, for I have sinned. It’s been over 2 weeks since updating my blog. And I’ve only done BJJ once this month.

Sigh - this is the sign you haven't been doing BJJ regularly.

Proof positive that it’s been a long time since doing BJJ. 🙁


I started my new job! Excellent! I have more free time! Excellent!

I also changed gyms. That was harder. I’m still in the same John Frankl network, but I have a new coach.

I hurt my shoulder. It’s a lingering injury, but when I went to BJJ 2 weeks ago, it exacerbated the issue, and I had residual pain – enough that I’m planning an appointment to get it looked at, and I’ve started doing some physical therapy stretches.

I’ve been avoiding everything. I’m not sure why. I fell into a TV hole and haven’t easily been able to climb out of it. So I’ve been watching Orange is the New Black and The Mentalist and Criminal Minds and a million other shows. I’ve gorged myself on tv after last month when I realized I hadn’t watched but an hour or two of tv in a week or two.

I’ve been reading blogs, but have gotten far behind on commenting. So I think that the amount of “behind-ness” has felt somewhat overwhelming.

Did you hear about the butcher who backed into his meat grinder? He got a little behind in his work.

Forgive my lameness as I promise to forgive yours.

Forgive my lameness as I promise to forgive yours.

So…how you doin’? Any awesome blog posts you want to share with us here? Could be something you’ve written, or something fantastic you’ve read. Any news you’d like to share? Are you competing this month?