Some cool things are happening that will affect this blog! Also some not cool things.

First is that I will be starting a new job March 1. I’ll be teaching writing at a university in Seoul. It is full time, but only three days a week. I will be using that extra time to write awesome articles, comment more in the blogging community, and do some cool extras for you folks. I’m really excited about this change, and the extra time I will have to devote to this site, jiu jitsu, and you folks!

Second is that I have a new boyfriend. He’s not into jiu jitsu, and unfortunately he’s leaving Korea in two weeks. BOO! What that means is that I’ll be less available to Internet Folks for the next two weeks, as I want to spend more time with him before he leaves. Apologies if I’m a bit slow to respond to comments or emails.

Third is that I’m working on a secret project with Brendan from OK! Kimonos. I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Fourth is that I’ll be changing gyms. I changed apartments and I’m changing jobs, and now changing gyms to one closer to work or home. I’m really sad to be leaving my gym, happy that I’ll be staying with the team, but at a different John Frankl network gym. I’m leaving on very friendly terms, and I will sincerely miss training with my teammates and coach.

Fifth is that I’ve actively started visiting other jiu jitsu gyms for the intent of posting their information here. They’ll be in both English and Korean. The goal is to help expats find jiu jitsu in Korea! I have one that will go up this week, and one that will go up next week.