As most of you know, a typhoon hit the Philippine Islands earlier this month. More than 5,000 people have died. Thankfully, the jiu jitsu community banded together and have raised money. If you’ve missed out on some of the fundraising opportunities, there are still some coming up.

Gracie Mag did a nice roundup on their website. You can visit there to see if any events are upcoming in your area! This weekend (11/23 and 11/24 there are a few things going on!).

Meerkatsu, Bong Abad, and Matt Benyon designed a t-shirt together, the preorders raised over $20,000. Seymour published photos about how the collaboration came together, as well as the thoughts behind it.


There were multiple grapple-thons to raise money, and a few upcoming. Here are the dates and locations from for more information and details.


Filipino Grapplethon | 23rd November 2013, 14:00 | Westside Training Centre, Los Angeles, CA, USA | Event Details

Movember Rollathon | 23rd-24th November 2013, 10:00-10:00 | Gravity BJJ, Surrey, BC, Canada | Donate | Facebook Page

Grapplethon for Yolanda Victims | 23rd-24th November 2013, 10:00-10:00 | Asia Pacific College, Humabon, Makati City, Philippines | Facebook Page

Grapplethon in Support of Tap Cancer Out | 29th November 2013, 08:00-20:00 | Finney’s HIT Squad, Granite City, IL, USA | Donate | Facebook Page


Roll4Relief | 1st December 2013, 11:00 | The Arena MMA, San Diego, CA, USA | Facebook Event | Facebook Page

NorthWest Grapplethon for Philippine Disaster Aid | 6th-7th December 2013, 18:00-18:00 | Gracie Barra Edmonds, Seattle, WA, USA | Donate | Facebook Group

If you’d prefer to donate, please read the article, “Please Don’t Send Your Old Shoes to the Philippines,” and send money rather than goods.

The Philippine government listed where you can donate money and goods to on their website FAQs: Donations and Volunteers for the Typhoon Yolanda relief effort

USA Today also listed charities that you can donate to as well.

Google Person Finder was launched to help people find their loved ones. Please go there if you’re looking for someone in the Philippines or have information.

I hope people are all pitching in. I gave to a Filipino woman I know in Korea who needed to fly back to help her family. Thankfully her family was okay – their house flooded, but they were all fine. And thankfully Jonna and Rue are okay – they weren’t in an area affected by the typhoon.

JiuJiu’s Question: Has anyone you know been affected by Typhoon Yolanda? Are you involved in any charitable activities helping them? Please feel free to advertise in the comments, or to discuss what’s going on. It does not need to be limited to BJJ talk.