Dear Jiu Jitsu,

We’ve had some excellent times together, andΒ we’ve also had our rough patches.Β You are my first love, Jiu Jitsu, and that will not change. Yet, right now we cannot be together – because being with you hurts me. Literally. So I watch you from afar, biding my time until we can reunite.

I don’t mean to hurt you, but I have to let you know that I started seeing someone else. Weight lifting. I’m not sure if it’s a long term thing or just a short fling to ease our parting, but I’ve started doing it since January and I really like it.

Weight lifting won’t replace you. I’m actually hoping that it will help our relationship grow even stronger. Please,Β please bear with me through this rough time andΒ don’t be jealous. I’m doing this for us. I love you dearly.

-Jiu Jiu

Hehehe Yes, it’s true. I have started weight lifting consistently since January. I really enjoy deadlifts and bench presses, the adductor and the leg press machines. I like seeing myself get stronger literally every session. Plus, I love all the massive points I rack up on Fitocracy.

I’m in Malaysia now, but when I return to Seoul I plan to join a local gym and continue weight lifting as I continue watching BJJ.

So, are you cheating on BJJ right now? True confession time!