I write this in a supine position, unable to freely move. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit how it happened. I decided to do some squats–no weights, just a little exercise. I did 2×25 and at the end my back felt REALLY tight, so I stretched it out. Less than an hour later I couldn’t move without extreme pain.

I laid in bed, not even able to turn. When I had to use the bathroom there was crying involved. I took my phone with me in case I fell and couldn’t get up. I got my umbrella out so I could lean on it.

Next day my friend and her boyfriend came over and took me to the ER. There was much more crying as I got into the cab. Transitions were the worst–going from standing to sitting or vice versa. They doped me but even so I could feel the pressure. They x-rayed me but found nothing. They implied an MRI might show the results. They gave me weak meds and dr orders to lay down for 3 days.

The three blessings are that I had friends to help, coworkers to fill in at work and I was already taking time off bjj.

Please help me feel better. Any stupid stories you want to share from your life? I’m stuck in bed here people, please help entertain me!!