Week one of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! Only 19 to go! End goal is 140 for me.

First, my weight:

  • High of 160.4 (start)
  • Low of 156 (today!)
  • Weekly average: 158
  • Today’s weight: 156!!

Weekly goals:

  • Drinks A- I ended up with one sports drink this week after BJJ class because I forgot my water and was seriously needing something to drink. So I don’t consider this a bad thing because I made a very conscious choice to hydrate myself. Other than that, I only had water or black coffee.
  • Exercise B+ I did not meet my goals. But honestly a good deal of that was being terribly unrealistic. I made it to jiu jitsu 3 times during the week, but the gym on top of that ended up with me feeling seriously overtrained and absolutely physically exhausted, so I only went to the gym once and only walked one day – yesterday I did nothing. I keep forgetting I’m 36 (on Monday!) and can’t train like I’m 18.
  • Diet A+ No sugary anything, no grains, pasta, rice, or bread. I maintained 1400 calories or slightly less every day this week.


  • Success: I felt so motivated this week. I felt good and strict with myself.
  • Success: Being consistent in BJJ.
  • Success: Being a consistent loser this week!
  • Success: Registering with the National Weight Control Registry. It’s for anyone who has lost 30+ pounds and kept them off for a year or longer.
  • Challenge: Setting realistic gym goals for myself.

Next week’s goals: My birthday is on Monday, which presents some diet challenges for the week. But, I’m not a freaking monk, so I’m not abstaining – just going to try to be smart about it. I won’t be surprised if I show a small gain next week.

  • Any birthday celebrations for me, I’ll have a small or half a piece of something, aside from the planned small muffin on my birthday.
  • Aside from the cake/muffin, zero sweets/processed carbs.
  • Drinks: I may end up having some drinks with the team tonight – not sure. Aside from 1-2 social events only black coffee or water.
  • Exercise: 4 days of BJJ, 2 days at the gym. 3o minute walk on the other days.

How about you? How did you do? What’s your weight this week (as opposed to last week)? What were your successes? Challenges? Don’t give up!


For comparison:

I can always see the weight loss in my back first. Weird.