Week nine of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! Only 11 to go! End goal is 140 for me. Almost at the halfway mark. I’m late this week because I was SO LAZY due to Korean holidays!

First, my weight:

  • High of 152.7
  • New low of 149.6
  • Saturday’s weight: 149.6
  • Weekly average: 151
  • Total loss so far: 9 lbs (based on average)

Weekly goals.

  • Drinks 5?/6 Goal: Black coffee, water, and my post-workout choco milk. Beer 1 day. Oh crap – this is the problem with doing this nearly 5 days late. Curses.
  • Exercise 4/5 Goal: 3 classes of BJJ, 2 days to the gym.  I hit 4 BJJ classes, but no gym.
  • Diet 3/4 – Goal: 4 days no pasta/rice/bread/sugar. Donut got me one day. Pizza another.
  • Diet tracking 4/6 – Goal: Tracking food 6 days.  4 days!
  • Sleep 3/6: In bed by 12:30am 4 nights this week. Umm yeah that didn’t exactly happen. However, most days I was in bed by 1am.


  • Success: Breaking into the 140s!
  • Success: Hitting my BJJ goal – and more so.
  • Challenge: Sigh – more difficulties putting these up consistently.

I have a freezer and fridge stocked with FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD! I realize it’s already Wednesday (Okay technically it’s Thursday morning now). My plan is to start making these on Fridays and then having them ready to go for Saturdays.

Next week’s goals:

  • Writing down all my food 2 days. (Okay I’m writing this on Wednesday and already I haven’t done any, so I can shoot for Thursday and Friday)
  • 3 days no pasta/bread/sugar
  • Drinks: Wed-Fri, only water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink.
  • Exercise: 3 BJJ classes
  • Sleep: 7 hours 4 days this week

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s super hard to remain consistent, but that’s ultimately what weight loss is – consistently making more better choices than poor choices. It HAS helped me knowing that I’m posting these weekly. In my brain you guys are hanging on EVERY WORD, WAITING for me to help motivate you to get through the week. True or not, it helps me stay motivated. I also had a conversation with a friend – I said “OMG I WANT DONUTS” and he said “Okay, you want to have donuts tonight when we meet?” My response was – NOOOO! My reasoning – of COURSE I want donuts and waffles and everything tasty and sugary. They’re freaking delicious! But just because I WANT it doesn’t not mean I should HAVE it. I’m allowed to WANT, just not always allowed to HAVE. I talked to another gal about this – I asked if she cleans her house everyday – and she said yes. I asked if she likes doing it – she said no. So I asked why – and she said it’s because keeping her house clean was important. I feel the same way about diet/exercise.

We’re almost at the halfway mark! Good crap! Please share your thoughts about your challenge this week! How’s your loss coming along? What about your motivation? What was especially motivating this week?


Bonus pics: flexing!

Front Flexing at 149 lbs

Back Flexing at 149 lbs

Note: I am 10 lbs lighter exactly in this photo!

For comparison: