Week six of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! Only 14 to go! End goal is 140 for me. You’ll have to excuse me as I do a bit more reflection and share more pics, because I hit a MAJOR MILESTONE in my life. Also, there’s a cool article up on eatyourkimchi.com about losing weight in Korea.

First, my weight:

  • High of 154.7
  • NEW LOW of 151!!
  • Saturday’s weight: 151.6
  • Weekly average: 152.9
  • Total loss so far: 7.1 lbs (based on average)

Awesome awesome awesome

Weekly goals:

  • Drinks 6/7 Goal: Black coffee, water, perhaps pocari sweat, and my post-workout choco milk. One beer is okay. Only one day not doing this – I had a tonic water. But I realized I don’t like the feeling it gives me, so I think I’m done with them. I also discovered a vinegar drink – you mix it with water. Delicious and healthy.
  • Exercise 4/6 Goal: 4 days of BJJ (I CAN go: today, Sunday, M, T, W, F – so if I hit 4/6 I’m at goal, more = bonus points!), 2 days to the gym. Excellent – hit 4 days of BJJ but completely failed on gym.
  • Diet 4/6 – Five days of 1400 calories. Six days of no pasta/rice/bread/sugar. Ack. I’m doing really terribly on food tracking. Sunday I ate an Indian food buffet. Monday = goal, Tuesday I met with my friend and I ate a whole homemade pizza. The rest of the week I ate well but didn’t track. Geez louise.
  • Sleep 5/5: 6 hours 5 nights this week. Made my goal with spare change. Hit almost 8 one night and almost 7 one night.


  • Success: Hitting my BJJ goal
  • Success: New weight loss low – 151, a total of 80 lbs lost
  • Challenge: Really hate tracking food
  • Challenge: I’m starting to feel like I can reward myself with food. >_<

Next week’s goals:

  • M-F 1400 calories.
  • M-F no pasta/rice/bread/sugar.
  • Drinks: Black coffee, water, vinegar drink and my post-workout choco milk.
  • Exercise: 4 classes of BJJ, 2 days to the gym. DANG IT I WILL GET TO THE GYM!!!
  • Sleep: 6.5 hours 5 nights this week, one day of 8 hours.

For whatever reason, I got a bug up my butt to measure myself 2 weeks early. I am COMPLETELY shocked.

  • Thigh: now 23″ was  30″  7 inches lost total!
  • Calf:  now 16.5″  was 20″  3.5 inches lost!
  • Belly: now 35″ was 45″ TEN INCHES LOST!
  • Hips (around the butt): now 39″ was 49″ TEN INCHES LOST!
  • Chest (note: around top part near armpits):  now 35″ was 40″ 5 inches lost!
  • Biceps: now 12.5″ was 15″ 2.5 inches lost!
  • Waist: 30″ (didn’t measure back then) – the size my THIGHS USED TO BE!
Shows weight loss progression - more than 30% of my body weight lost

The weird thing – all of this feels extremely unreal.

“That sound you’re not hearing – stunned silence.” – Wonderfalls

I recognize that many people who have lost weight suffer from Body Dysmorphia – and funny enough, I was just reading an article about it –Body Dysmorphia: The Side Effects of Losing Weight by Crissfit. To be clear: I don’t believe I was ugly when I was fat. I just had no awareness of how fat I was. I feel like I’m in one of those body swap sci fi episodes.

How did you do? What were your pros and cons for the week? Did you stick to your plan? How are you on your goals?


For comparison: