Week four of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! Only 16 to go! End goal is 140 for me.

First, my weight:

  • High of 157.6
  • Low of 154.1 (twice!)
  • Today’s weight: 155.4
  • Weekly average: 155.7
  • Total loss so far: 4.3 lbs (based on average)

How I feel this week: Boom shaka laka

Weekly goals:

  • Drinks 6/7 Goal: Black coffee, water, perhaps pocari sweat, and my post-workout choco milk. However, today I’m having some red wine. Sunday I had a bottle of red wine. And it was planned, but a rogue cappuccino sneaked in there.
  • Exercise 2/7 Goal: 4 days of BJJ, 2 days of weight lifting – 1 Run, Zombies mission. TOTAL FAILURE. I only made it to BJJ 2 days, weight lifting NO days, and no running. Okay, scrapping the IDEA of running this week because I realized – I WILL NEVER RUN IN THE RAIN. Wednesday I didn’t go to BJJ because I was tired, and Thursday I didn’t go because I woke up too late.
  • Diet 5/7- Five days of 1400 calories. Diet success this week! I tracked 5 days, Monday was 50 calories over due to the rogue cappuccino, and yesterday I had lunch with my participants, so I have ZERO clue how many calories were consumed. And it was at a pasta place. Sigh.


  • Success: Tracking food for 5 days (minus yesterday’s lunch).
  • Success: Maintaining (around!) 1400 on my non-diet fail days.
  • Success: NEW WEIGHT LOSS LOW! 154.1 and two days!
  • Success: After eating 1/4 of those cookies I gave them to a different neighbor. I feel weird giving people sugar/desserts now – like I know I’m poisoning them.
  • Challenge: Eating out in restaurants. Still tough.
  • Challenge: Freaking rain – it’s rainy season right now and I don’t want to walk in it!!!

Next week’s goals:

  • Five days of 1400 calories.
  • Six days of no pasta/rice/bread/sugar.
  • Drinks: Black coffee, water, perhaps pocari sweat, and my post-workout choco milk. Cappuccinos are okay so long as I account for them, calorie-wise.
  • Exercise: 4 days of BJJ (I CAN go: today, Sunday, M, T, W, F – so if I hit 4/6 I’m at goal, more = bonus points!), 2 days to the gym. I REALLY want to hit my gym goal this week because I just paid, so I want to get my money’s worth.
  • Sleep: 6 hours 5 nights this week. Bonus if I get 7 or more. Minus if I oversleep.
  • Make my vision board. Yeah, I did get this idea from Oprah’s website. I don’t believe all the mumbo jumbo, but I do believe we can psych ourselves out or up – and I want to psych myself up!

In related news, I decided to string together some paper clips to visually remind myself of how much weight I’ve lost. Silver will be for 1 lb, and then every 5 I will use a colored one. I hung mine on my refrigerator, because when I am tempted to snack I can see it and remind myself of my goals.

[updated to add!] My nutritionist friend Aimee Gallo, of Vibrance Nutrition, did a write up about me in her newsletter! I credit Aimee for helping me get started in my path to healthy eating. I hired her several years ago – during that time I had no willpower to track my food, so I would call her up after eating and tell her what I ate. It was cool that she was willing to be flexible for me and meet me where I was. You should check out her website: www.vibrancenutrition.com

*A gold medal to former client Julia J., of Seoul, Korea who NEVER GAVE UP ON HERSELF. She has hit a new weight low of 154 pounds – more than 30% of her previous body weight gone – since she began reforming her lifestyle in 2005. As one who disliked exercise, she found a passion in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and it has radically transformed her life.Julia embodies the most important tenet of VIBRANCE Nutrition: Never give up on yourself… keep seeking until you find what works for you.

How was your week? What’s your total in regard to total loss so far? Please share your successes and challenges. Keep on keeping on! Don’t forget that EACH MEAL is a chance to start again – if you screw up a little, don’t keep digging. Stop and step out of the hole.


For comparison: