Week three of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! Only 17 to go! End goal is 140 for me.

First, my weight:

  • High of 157.4
  • Low of 155.5
  • Weekly average: 156.5
  • Saturday’s weight: 156.7


Weekly goals:

  • Drinks 6/7 Goal: Black coffee, water, a Pocari Sweat if offered, but 1-2 smoothies per week would be ok. I did good with the drinks this week. Had some Pocari Sweat after doing BJJ for 3 hours, but other than that stuck to my normal drinks. Did have slightly more choco milk, but that’s okay. Had one smoothie.
  • Exercise 5/7 Goal: 4 days of BJJ, 2 days of weight lifting – 1 Run, Zombies mission. I forgot there was a holiday this week, so there was no BJJ on Wednesday. I only was able to make it 2 days due to my schedule, but I did make it to 3 classes on Thursday, bringing my grand total to 4 classes. I also lifted weights once, but did not do the run, zombies mission.
  • Diet 4/7- Diet fail this week. I ate reasonably this weekend, ate great on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but on Wednesday I ate ALL THE DESSERTS. Okay not really, but I did have pizza, patbingsu (shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk, adzuki beans, and rice cakes), then had two small scoops of gelato. Yesterday my neighbor gave me a box of cookies and I had some. Argh.


  • Success: Hitting BJJ in the morning and evening
  • Success: Maintaining 1400 on my non-diet fail days.
  • Success: Finally bought some sports bras that actually fit me. Finally.
  • Challenge: Dwindling motivation (see “Shark Week” below).
  • Challenge: I suck on days when I see friends. I don’t have the same control as when I’m sequestered.

Next week’s goals:

  • Challenge: This week starts SHARK WEEK (girl code for me turning into an EVIL SHARK for five days)
  • Five days of 1400 calories.
  • Drinks: Black coffee, water, perhaps pocari sweat, and my post-workout choco milk. However, today I’m having some red wine.
  • Exercise: 4 days of BJJ, 2 days of weight lifting – 1 Run, Zombies mission.

I read a very cool article this week that you may also find helpful. It’s about the “Monday Mindset” – http://www.livestrong.com/blog/the-weight-loss-mistake-youre-making-over-and-over-again/

Conventional wisdom tells us that if you find yourself in a hole, you should stop digging–that’s the logical thing to do. However, when it comes to nutrition, we aren’t logical or conventionally wise. When clients have a dietary faux pas, their impulse, paradoxically, is to make it worse; after they eat the brownie, they think, “Well, I’ve ruined today. I may as well just eat whatever I want and then be good tomorrow.”

Whoah – I’ve been there. The cool thing is that he says “Learn to fail small.”

Mastering small failures means that you become comfortable with the fact that sometimes you will slip up. This happens to everyone. None of us are perfect, especially when comes to dietary habits, and eating half a brownie isn’t some cardinal sin that immediately negates the impact of your previous successes, or devalues or invalidates your future ones.

How about you? How did you do? How is your motivation this week? What’s your weight this week (as opposed to last week)? What were your successes? Challenges? Don’t give up!


For comparison: