Week 19 of the 20 in 20 challenge is LATE! Sorry! Oh holy crap this challenge is almost finished! How are you doing?

First, my weight:

  • High of 145.9
  • Sunday’s weight: 145.9
  • Weekly average: 145.3
  • Total loss so far:  14.7 lbs (based on average)

Weekly goals

  • Diet: 0/5 Goal: M-F tracking 1400 calories on MyPlate  weekend = 1 cheat meal per day, 1 dessert per day. GAH! Boyfriends are BAD FOR WEIGHT LOSS! Plus, I was sick. 🙁
  • Exercise: 0/7 Goal: 3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 2 days, running 2 times Sick sick sicky sick.
  • Sleep: 0/3 Goal: 7 hours 3 days this week Dang it! Boyfriends are awful for sleeping time!


  • Success: Ummmm…got a boyfriend?
  • Challenge: When a super good-looking Spanish man is attempting to feed you dulce de leche, YOU EAT IT!
  • Challenge: Said good-looking Spanish man also loves wine, and when he brings wine to you, YOU DRINK IT.
  • Challenge: DUDE – HOW DO PEOPLE IN A RELATIONSHIP LOSE WEIGHT? I DON’T EVEN KNOW! This is sincerely the first time I’ve had a HUGE bump in the road. I’m so chock full of happy hormones that I don’t even care. Gah.
  • Challenge: Going home next week and my classes are finishing = high stress.

Next week’s goals:

  • Exercise: BJJ x1 (work schedule)
  • Drinks: 🙁 I know I can’t resist sexy Spanish men handing me wine. Beyond wine, only milk, coffee, and water.
  • Food: I don’t even know. 🙁 Bah.

I will post the end on MONDAY (in Korea – so it’ll be Sunday your time, likely). It’ll be complete with befores and afters, including size differences. I already know that I’m not making my end goal, but – DUDE – I lost 15 freaking pounds! What the what?! That’s amazing! Anyway, sorry that my new relationship status has made me be a delinquent!

Report in, people!


Pictures are forthcoming. I took pictures then my battery died and I can’t find my recharger.

My old photo: