Welcome to week 16! Week 16 of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! I’m feeling a little bit of stress about this coming to an end! My end goal is 140 – I HOPE I will make it!

First, my weight:

  • High of 149
  • NEW LOW of 145.9!
  • Saturday’s weight: 145.9
  • Weekly average: 148.2
  • Total loss so far: 11.8 lbs (based on average)

Diana has proved invaluable. Thank you thank you thank you!

Weekly goals

  • Drinks 5/5 Goal: M-F water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink. No issues.
  • Exercise 4/6 Goal:  3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 1 day, running 2 daysWent to 2 classes and injured myself, ran 2 times, didn’t lift weights.
  • Diet 5/5 – Goal: 4 days no pasta/bread/sugar. Yep.
  • Diet tracking 4+/5 – Goal: M-F tracking calories – 1400 Tracked everything, went over once.
  • Sleep 3/3: Goal: 7 hours 3 days this week. 3 days at 7 hours, 2 days at 6+ hours.


  • Success: Tracked M-F and checked in with Diana all but one days.
  • Success: I am DEFINITELY in the 148 range – my numbers show it.
  • Success: Hit a new weight loss low.
  • Challenge: Oh man – Thanksgiving is coming up! Must be prepared – like going to war!
  • Challenge: Met a man – and there could be dinners and drinks in my future!

Next week’s goals:

I’m not going to be tracking the no pasta/rice/sugar M-F or the drinks M-F any more because they’re not a problem. Instead I’m going to focus on calorie tracking, exercise, and sleep.

  • Again, checking in with Diana every day.
  • Diet: M-F tracking 1400 calories, weekend = 1 cheat meal per day, 1 dessert per day Note: This may change to one dessert per week.
  • Exercise: 3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 1 day, running 2 times
  • Sleep: 7 hours 3 days this week

How are you dealing with Thanksgiving? What is your strategy?


I feel fit and firm now! I feel amazing! I actually look more “ab-alicious” however, I intentionally don’t flex for the camera in these, so you can’t see it as much.

For comparison: