Welcome to week 16! Week 15 of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! We’re so close to the end now. My end goal is 140 – I’m waffling on if I’ll make it or not! Ack!

First, my weight:

  • High of 151
  • NEW LOW of 147.2!
  • Saturday’s weight: 148.3
  • Weekly average: 148.9
  • Total loss so far: 11.1 lbs (based on average)

This week I had an accountability partner, and that was SO HELPFUL! Thank you so much Diana! Similarly, this was the first time I’ve had 6 days in a row at under 150.

Weekly goals

  • Drinks 5/5 Goal: Wed-Fri, water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink. Woot!
  • Exercise 2/6 Goal:  3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 1 day, running 2 daysOkay I went to 2 jiu jitsu classes. I didn’t lift, and I didn’t run – it was rainy this week. 🙁
  • Diet 5/4 – Goal: 4 days no pasta/bread/sugar. Five days, man! I did it! Thank you Diana!
  • Diet tracking 5/5 – Goal: Writing down all my food AND tracking calories M-F. Did it! Every day! Thank you Diana!
  • Sleep 4/3: Goal: 7 hours 3 days this week. 4 days at 7+ hours, 1 day at 6 hours.


  • Success: Went very strict with my diet M-F – even holding out on candy landmine day.
  • Success: Maintained 6 days at under 150 lbs – in a row.
  • Success: Hit a new weight loss low.
  • Challenge: I think I need to reduce my “free days” – I feel like I’ve been going a bit hog wild on weekends. This needs to be reduced – contained to perhaps 1-2 meals on the weekend.
  • Challenge: When it rains I won’t run – similarly, when it starts snowing. So…not sure about running for this week.

Next week’s goals:

  • Again, checking in with Diana every day.
  • Food: M-F tracking AND no sugar/pasta/rice/bread.
  • Drinks: M-Fri, only water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink.
  • Exercise: 3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 1 day, running 2 days
  • Sleep: 7 hours 3 days this week

Do you think you’ll make your goal? How do you feel mentally? I really hope you realize that even if those goals are not met that you are doing a WONDERFUL THING! Do you realize that you are amazing? You are taking control of your health – and your body WILL respond. 


You may not be able to see it, but I was a bit bloated in this picture because I didn’t take it until Sunday, after a day of eating loads of carbs. Argh. And the backs of my legs are looking so much better.

For comparison: