Hello preciouses! Week 13 of the 20 in 20 challenge has been here and gone! Oh dear sigh this is going up late! And it’s lacking a photo! You get some art instead. My goal is 140.

First, my weight:

  • High of 150.4
  • Saturday’s weight: 147.7
  • Weekly average: 149.3
  • Total loss so far: 10.7 lbs (based on average)

Way back on track last week. I followed my plan, ran, and consistently was under 150. Go me!

Weekly goals:

  • Drinks 5/5 Goal: Wed-Fri, only water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink. Got it.
  • Exercise 4/7 Goal:  3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 2 days, running 2 days. Whoa – I actually ran two days! I also only went to jiu jitsu 2 days, and didn’t lift.
  • Diet 5/5 – Goal: 5 days no pasta/rice/bread/sugar. Congrats, me!
  • Diet tracking 4/5 – Goal: Writing down all my food AND tracking calories M-F. Well, I tracked, though I didn’t count calories. I’m counting that as 4.
  • Sleep 0/4: Goal: 7 hours 4 days this week. Too much blogging, not enough sleeping.


  • Success: Hit my lowest weight EVER.
  • Success: Started running again.
  • Success: Tracked food.
  • Challenge: Sleeeeep. My blog blew up and I’ve been writing content.
  • Challenge: Didn’t take a picture.

Next week’s goals:

  • Writing down all my food AND tracking calories W-F
  • 4 days no pasta/bread/sugar 
  • Drinks: W-Fri, only water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink.
  • Exercise: 3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 1 day, running 2 days
  • Sleep: 7 hours 3 days this week

I already hit 2 classes on Monday and 1 on Tuesday, and will go on Friday. I broke up with my gym officially.

How was your Halloween weekend? Did you survive? How did your strategies work? How will you deal with post-Halloween candy deals? Share your measurements!


Sad sad – I had a friend over all weekend, and didn’t feel comfortable STRIPPING DOWN, so I didn’t grab a picture. Next week for sure. However, I did capture this great pic:

Jiu Jiu in a mini skirt


For comparison: