Hello preciouses! Week 12 of the 20 in 20 challenge has been here and gone! Holy good crap only 8 weeks left! End goal for me is 140 lbs.

First, my weight:

  • High of 151.5
  • Saturday’s weight: 150.5
  • Weekly average: 151
  • Total loss so far: 9 lbs (based on average)

It’s really great to me that I can see that diet directly affects my weight. That’s a good and powerful feeling to have.

Weekly goals:

  • Drinks 4/5 Goal: Wed-Fri, only water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink. Had a beer and a Sprite at our team dinner.
  • Exercise 6/5 Goal: 3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 2 days. Hooray! I even hit 4 BJJ classes! I also lifted weights before BJJ class.
  • Diet 3/5 – Goal: 5 days no pasta/rice/bread/sugar. One day due to forgetting my keys at work, one day was because of our team dinner.
  • Diet tracking 1/5 – Goal: Writing down all my food 5 days. Yeowch. Next week – definitely must do this.
  • Sleep 5/4: Goal: 7 hours 4 days this week. Excellent! Hit it 5 times this week.


  • Success: Ate out without eating rice/pasta
  • Success: Hit my weight lifting goals
  • Success: Overcame last week’s ramen debacle
  • Challenge: That 20 week deadline is now looming! I was ahead of the curve, now I’m slightly behind. I feel emotionally like I need to step it up. Crunch time is coming.

Next week’s goals:

  • Writing down all my food AND tracking calories M-F
  • 5 days no pasta/bread/sugar 
  • Drinks: Wed-Fri, only water, black coffee, tea, and post-workout drink.
  • Exercise: 3 BJJ classes, weight lifting 2 days, running 2 days
  • Sleep: 7 hours 4 days this week

My way of stepping it up will be to run. I’m hoping to run to BJJ class twice this week. I work all evenings, so I think this is doable.

How was your week? Are you on track/ahead/behind? If you’r behind, how will you step it up this week? What were some of your successes and challenges? I know that Halloween is coming up, so for some of you it means some candy in the house. How will you deal with that?


For comparison: