Week two of the 20 in 20 challenge is finished! Only 18 to go! End goal is 140 for me.

First, my weight:

  • High of 157.6
  • Low of 154.5 (today!)
  • Weekly average: 156.8
  • Today’s weight: 154.5!!


Weekly goals:

  • Drinks A More important than my diet is this imperative to “fit in” in my club. This means that if someone buys drinks for everyone, I take it. If my coach gives me a drink, I take it. So this week I ended up drinking a Pocari Sweat. However, I looked at the caloric content – and it’s quite low. So I have decided that one or two a week isn’t bad, especially with how hard I’ve been training.
  • Exercise B+ Okay – again, made my BJJ goals. Went 4 total times including Saturday last week. However, only made it to the gym once, and didn’t walk on the other days. I’ve decided to expand the idea of “going to the gym” to mean lifting weights, which IS something I can do at BJJ. I lifted weights twice this week.
  • Diet A- Five days this week I had no sugary anything, no grains, pasta, rice, or bread. I maintained 1400 calories or slightly less every day this week. Considering this was my birthday and the total “confessional” consists of: two small muffins (about half the size of a Costco muffin), and one small piece of cake – all for my birthday, I declare this a victory.


  • Success: Again, my motivation was terribly high.
  • Success: Being consistent in BJJ.
  • Success: Hitting a new low.
  • Success: Maintaining 1400 during the week.
  • Challenge: Doing ANYTHING on non-BJJ days.

Next week’s goals:

  • I’m hitting a birthday party today – food will be a bit crazy. I’ll be eating sensibly.
  • I’m going to a restaurant tomorrow, which will also be a challenge – eating sensibly.
  • Other than this weekend, M-F zero sweets/processed carbs.
  • Drinks: Black coffee, water, a Pocari Sweat if offered, but 1-2 smoothies per week would be ok.
  • Exercise: 4 days of BJJ, 2 days of weight lifting – 1 Run, Zombies mission.

How about you? How did you do? What’s your weight this week (as opposed to last week)? What were your successes? Challenges? Don’t give up!


For comparison: