Looks like the theme is accidents. First, Seymour writes an article called BJJ Burst My Eyeballs (warning, extremely disgusting photo, but no eyeball fluid) and then Georgette wrote an article about the scariest moments in jiu jitsu. Well, after being grossed out and scared, I thought I’d write something slightly more stupid. That’s right, stupid BJJ accidents.

My first came right before my first tournament. A friend and I were rolling and my hand was awkwardly put out and when he swept me my hand didn’t quite move. It took 5 months to heal. I didn’t even register that it was HURT when it first happened. Dope.

The second one happened this last week. During warm ups. Big sigh. We were doing somersaults around the room. Somersault, then bring your legs out straight and sit forward, then post your arm, put your weight on it and stand yourself up. The guy behind me had misjudged the distance between us and somersaulted into my arm. It’s at this point in writing that I have to point out the similarity between the words somersaulted and assaulted. COINCIDENCE???? I THINK SO!!!

It is darn hard to find a great picture of a somersault. Kind of like it’s hard to find a great picture of a Slinky in action.

Luckily I just got arm-barred and not arm-brokened, as Georgette scarily pointed out (thanks for giving me nightmares, Georgette!!!), but it was just so stupid!

I went super light on the drills (wouldn’t even use my right hand to grab), then sat out of sparring. The next day I again sat out of sparring, and on the third day I sparred lightly. My arm is fine now, but sadly, it was the SAME ARM as my horrible arm bar injury. Clearly I need to injure the left one to even things out. πŸ˜€

[edited to add this story] My friend Eddie and I were rolling and he gets set up for the armbar and he’s pulling pulling pulling on my arm. I’m resisting resisting resisting, then I give up and unexpectedly let all resistance go. He ended up punching himself in the forehead with my fist. It created a visible bump on his forehead. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Poor Eddie!

So, what are YOUR stupid BJJ accidents? What have you been in? What have you seen? These aren’t SCARY and they aren’t GROSS. Again, Georgette and Seymour have those covered. These are the ones that afterward you think REALLY???