I have disappeared into school. I am doing a Respiratory Therapy program in Denver. I have class every day Monday through Friday, and I will graduate next year in August. I go early and stay late every single day. I am a regular Hermione Granger, studying 12 – 15 hours per day, obsessing over missed questions on tests. Also, I got chosen for the Sputum Bowl! It’s basically a trivia team, and you just have to know All The Things. So it means I get to study EVEN MORE so that I don’t let my team down!

Yep, this is me. In the library every morning studying.

Yep, this is me. In the library every morning studying.

Apparently there is this thing called “balance” where people don’t Just Do One Thing. Weird. Since starting school, that was my One Thing: studying. It’s all I did. Kind of like when I started jiu jitsu and that was my One Thing. Apparently forsaking everything except studying is not “healthy.” My friend had a stern talking to me. It’s why we’re besties. “YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.”

Sigh. So I did. I went last night.

Part of me thought “Oh man, I haven’t done BJJ in so many months that I will have forgotten everything.” I went to the fundamentals class since it was the only gi class. There were three of us: me and the two brand new gentlemen wearing rental gis. Sometimes you forget how much you know until you are with people who don’t know anything. Oh right – they don’t know how to gently grip. They don’t know how to relax and breathe.

And yes, this is me too, the insufferable know it all

Also I have a 4.0  and got 100% on my last final. Hermione would be proud.

Turns out I absolutely didn’t forget everything. I just forgot how much I knew.

My friends were right, though.

I decided to go tonight to the advanced gi class. I talked to the instructor about my situation – school, living long distance, etc. I ended up signing up for their trial month. It’s Easton Jiu Jitsu in Arvada.

It felt really good going, even though I died a thousand tiny deaths. My body was NOT happy that I was exerting it, so I had the joyous experience of huffing and puffing my way through class. I got several “Are you okay?” which is valid, and I’m thankful people check in.

And of course doing jiu jitsu makes me think of jiu jitsu, which makes me write about jiu jitsu. Weird how they influence one another.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: how YOU doin? I hope you heard that in Joey’s voice from Friends. What have I missed since I have had my head buried in books? Are you guys also taking care of yourself or are you mired down with Life, the Universe and Everything?