Small update. I had a reaction to some of the pills I was taking. A very bad reaction. Starting at 5:30 am I couldn’t keep food down.

At first I thought it was my dinner, so I made an egg sandwich and went back to bed. Woke up and threw it up at 10:30. Switched to bread, took my pills but everything came back up. Finally got bread and pills to stay down but after an hour I was in the bathroom.

5 times total it happened, once even when my stomach was empty. 🙁 so, back to the ER for me.

They thought it was one of the pills and the pain patch. So the swapped two things and gave me 4 more pills. Sigh. They put me on an IV and gave me anti-nausea medication.

I’m home and have successfully been able to keep crackers and a banana down as well as all my pills.

This is officially not the best week ever except that my cat is accompanying me everywhere, even into the bathroom.