That’s my goal – to be at 140 by December 16th. It’s totally reasonable. In the last 10 months I’ve lost 20 lbs – so if I step things up, I can absolutely do it. Today I weighed in at 159.7 lbs. I sincerely cannot remember the last time in my life I weighed this little. Exactly 10 years ago I had just lost weight and gotten down to 169, which means that I had been heavy for a time before that. Crazy. I would estimate it’s been a minimum of 15 years since I’ve been this weight, and I know this is the healthiest I’ve been in my life.

Here’s me this morning:

Yes, it’s me in all my glory!

For the next 20 weeks I am committing to:

  • Posting a picture per week.
  • Posting my weight every week (including high, low, and average).
  • Posting weekly about my successes and challenges.
  • Set weekly goals for myself, and discuss them.
  • Doing a minimum of 3o minutes of physical activity per day.

Week 1 goals:

  • Five days of no sweets/processed sugars (save for my post-workout chocolate milk).
  • Tracking food every day.
  • Only water or black coffee five days this week.
  • 4 days of jiu jitsu.
  • 3 days of lifting weights (these can overlap with jiu jitsu).
  • Walking 30 minutes on days I don’t do BJJ or weights.

It’s shown that people are more successful when they’re publicly accountable. So I want to encourage you. Let’s lose together – (or if you’re trying to gain, that’s cool too.) Tim Ferriss mentions in The Four Hour Body that tracking + loss aversion > how-to. The simple act of tracking helps ensure more success. Public accountability creates an incentive.

17:00-21:00 is where he starts talking about weight loss and behavior change. Very cool and worth watching.

He also mentions the rules of behavioral change: Make it conscious, make it a game, make it competitive, make it small and temporary.

So make a commitment – here, now. If you’d like to join me, I ask you to:

  • Commit to posting about your weekly successes and challenges.
  • Commit to creating weekly goals for yourself and assessing your prior week.
  • Commit to sticking to this until the end (or when you have decided you will stick to it).
  • Commit to doing it in a HEALTHY way – this is not about CUTTING weight.
  • Commit to helping support others here – encouraging them and checking up on them.

I encourage you to:

  • Post about this on your blog – get your readers involved as well.
  • Share numbers – either measurements or pounds.
  • Track your food.

I’ve tossed down the gauntlet. Will you take it up?