And that is a VERY good thing.

I want to share a success story with you. I have always been a larger gal. I carried it well and people didn’t always realize I weighed as much as I did. At one point in 2005 I was at my heaviest ever: 231 lbs (104.7 kilos). It spurred me on to become more active and pay better attention to my food. I was on my way to losing weight, and Ukraine was a tough hit–it was food purgatory for me and I ended up eating HORRIBLY while I was there.

In March 2006 I weighed 220 lbs (99.8 kilos)
In March 2010 I weighed 212 lbs (96 kilos)
In February 2011 I weighed 188 lbs (85 kilos)

I am so proud of myself. BJJ has made such a difference. I am more active, I am on my feet more, I move my body more, and it shows. My god–I lost around 23 pounds! That’s so much. To give you an idea, this is 5 pounds of fat:

5 pounds of fat

Yeah, that was only 5 pounds. I lost 23 of that. Nearly 5 of those big blobs. Do you know what else weighs 23 pounds? A toddler, a double-decker pizza burger, $60,000 worth of marijuana, a fat cat, a decent sized Thanksgiving turkey, around 11,500 M&Ms (regular), $460 in quarters, and as much fat as I lost. πŸ™‚

In this last year I lost:
2.5 inches from my waist (6.3 cm)
2.25 inches from my hips (5.7 cm)
2.5 inches from my thighs (6.3 cm)
2.5 inches from my chest (6.3 cm)
1.75 inches from my calves (4.4 cm)
.75 inches from my upper arms (1.9 cm)

I am absolutely thrilled.Β  Overall, since 2006 I’ve lost a total of 5.25 inches (13.3 cm) from my hips and 4 inches (10.2 cm) from my waist. This is such an accomplishment for me. Today was especially wonderful–my instructor and the 16 year old boy in our class both noticed that I’ve lost weight in the last month or two. Amazing. Let me share some pictures!

Here’s me in 2007 before I left for Peace Corps:

September 2007, probably 210 lbs

This is from February 2010, just before I left for Seoul:

I was definitely around 210 or more here. Also, I made that picture!

Here’s me from July 2010. Note the legs. (argh!)

This is when the gi pants felt TIGHT on my legs

And now this is me and Eddie (I love this picture):

Full body pic!

Aaaaand the last picture, taken in January 2011 at a Korean BBQ place.

Happy to see you! Taken January 2011

I am absolutely thrilled. BJJ has caused me to lose so much WEIGHT and SIZE, and that’s the reason I originally started doing BJJ. So, this is my super happy post.

Have you lost any weight/size/fat with BJJ? Share your results, and post other things that weigh 23 lbs! πŸ™‚ Celebrate with me!