Today I said goodbye to some dear friends – 4 of my gis  – yeah I’ve had 5 for a while now. I’m down to one – my flashy lightning bolt gi!

I’ve just lost too much weight. These gis hang on me. They’re huge and fall off me. Plus, right now I’m not getting a lot of action on the mats, due to my herniated disc.

So I sent 4 of my gis on to Debra, knowing she was the size and shortness I was when I started. *sniff* I will miss you, gis.

I will miss you all!

When it’s time for my return I will buy a Predadora and a new Fenom gi – a blue one this time! I’ve already lost more weight this week and am on a new eating plan, so hopefully in two months’ time I’ll be even smaller – and able to find an appropriately sized gi.

What changes have you gone through this week?