My friend Anna (the first female blue belt in Ukraine!) and I are both sparring with FLU JITSU tonight.

My second motifake poster!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about sick + BJJ and get your thoughts.

My advice if you are sick:

1. DON’T GO TO CLASS. Seriously. Don’t infect your teammates. You might feel up to going to work or school, but being in such close contact with people–ICK!

2. SCORE AS MANY POINTS AS YOU CAN Think of it as the Flu Jitsu Mundials. Take down that flu by scoring as many points as you possibly can. Don’t tap!

4 3 2 -1 1


Flu shot Russian sauna/
Korean spa
___________Hot water & lemon

Lots of water

Going to class
__________Sneezing into your hands

Cold air



doctor visit_________

bed rest

washing hands

Vitamin C/
Herbal or folk remedies/

3. If you’re in Korea and you have national insurance, GO TO THE DOCTOR. It is SO CHEAP to go to the doctor in Korea. Today I spent 4,200 won on the doctor PLUS flu shot (less than $4), and 6,100 for all my five days of medicine (less than $6). So if it’s cheap, DO IT! ๐Ÿ™‚

4. HIGHER CONSTITUTION Yes, it’s a long term goal, but darn it, I’m putting all my ability points into constitution! Remember–higher constitution = less sick time! (D&D joke)

5. ____________________ This is where YOUR advice comes in.