Well, my back didn’t take terribly kindly to me doing BJJ.

I went on Saturday and on Tuesday. I participated in about 75% of class and I rolled in each class. At the time my back felt fine for most of it.

Wednesday I went to the gym and my back felt off. I don’t know how to put it any other way. I did less than half of my work at the gym, went home, and took the rest of the week off of physical activity. Rested on my back. It still feels a bit tweaky.

Thing is, at this point, I can generally feel the difference between a muscular pain and a deeper pain. This was something spinal. Sigh.

So, it looks like overall I’m back to watching. Grr. I will be taking part in the Caio Terra seminar at my gym this weekend, but only actually participating one day and watching the second day. After this I might try to do it once every two weeks and see how the recovery for that is, or if it stays bad I’ll just keep watching.

I’m a sad Jiu Jiu. Ah well.