Today won me over to my school. 100%.

I <3 BJJ!

First, my instructor has always been super nice to me. He said to me today, “Long time no see!” So he remembers me (okay to be fair, I’m only one of 3 women who has been to his academy in the past 3 months, so it’s not exactly easy to forget me, but still…), and he makes me feel very welcome.

Second, he helped me out with the financial situation and will let me pay for this month in 2 weeks, so I get to train this month.

Next, the instructor was playing around with the children in our class. There are two kids in the class–one little girl and one little boy. Actually, the girl called me yesterday and said “Julia, where are you?” It was totally sweet. So the instructor was playing around with them, being silly, roaring, and picking them up. I loved watching him interact with them.

Finally, and this really was the clincher, he rolled with me! The last time I was in, he was my drilling partner! This is the first time an instructor has ever rolled with me, and it was FUN and a very cool way to connect.

So, I LOVE the instructor at my BJJ academy. The feel is absolutely what I’ve been looking for–relaxed, welcoming, and fun, coupled with skill and good rolling partners.

What about you? What do you love about your BJJ academy?