Hey guys! I’ve been so crazy busy with school! This next week is going to be super extra busy.

First: I’m doing a walk next weekend to raise money for cystic fibrosis. It’s a horrible disease that I’m likely going to be working with closely as a future respiratory therapist. It causes really thick, sticky mucous all over the body. In the 50s, life expectancy was only 4 years old, and now, 50+ years later, it is now up to 37.5. If you’d like to help support me, you can donate here:

Great Strides Fundraising page: Julia Johansen

Second: on Thursday I’m competing in the Sputum Bowl! What’s that? Basically like a trivia game for respiratory therapy students. My areas that I’m focusing on: anatomy & physiology, microbiology, pathology, and pre-1900 historical facts pertaining to respiratory therapy. I’m VERY excited about it! Here’s a picture of my team:

We are the Free Radicals! Representing PIMA Denver!

We are the Free Radicals! Representing PIMA Denver!

Speaking of school, I’m now second semester! I got a 4.0 for my first semester! Go me!

Finally, I’m actually getting back on track with jiu jitsu! Crazy! Save for these two weeks with the prep for Sputum Bowl, I’ve been going consistently on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They’ve recently put together a new curriculum. 8 week blocks where it will alternate between advanced curriculum and intermediate curriculum. One thing I adore about this school is that they are VERY consistent! The previous 8 weeks, every single time I came in, we would practice the same chained together moves, then add on a new thing at the end. I love the repetition. Plus, I get to roll with brown belts and the black belt instructor every week. It’s really great. Last Thursday half the class were women! Lest you think it was me + one other student, there were 10 folks there last night!

Total aside: I’ve been rediscovering some awesome albums from my youth (maybe hadn’t listened to these since high school??): Pink Floyd The Wall, Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime, Midnight Oil Earth and Sun and Moon, The Smiths The Queen is Dead.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What is your main focus right now? What’s something you’re preparing for right now? How is your training going? Also, give me a suggestion for ONE album you think I should check out!