ADCC Korea 아부다비코리아 is holding a tournament on Sunday, March 25th, in Bucheon. There’s more information on the website, but it’s all in Korean. This is the 15th National BJJ Association tournament.
[Jiu Jiu’s note: I will update with more information as it arrives]

Weight classes:
Gi -57.5kg, -64kg., -70kg., -76kg., -82.3kg., -88.3kg., -94.3kg., +94.3kg., absolute
No-Gi  -55.5kg, -62kg., -68kg., -74kg., -80.3kg., -86.3kg., -92.3kg., +92.3kg., absolute

Belt levels: White through black, baby!

Divisions: Kids (under 19), Adult (over 19), Seniors (36+), Masters (41+), and Women’s.
Note: Senior/Masters and Women’s do not have set weight categories.

40,000 for 1 event, 50,000 for that event plus absolute.
60,000 for two events(gi and no-gi), 70,000 for two events plus one absolute.
90,000 for all four events: gi, gi absolute, no-gi, and no-gi absolute.

Registration deadlines:Register and pay by march 16.

The tournament will be at the Jungdong station on the blue line. Go out exit 1 The arena is called Songnaesahui Chaeyukgwan (송내사희 채육관), a five minute walk from exit one. Take a right at the floating A and walk straight for 100 meters.

Head to the floating letter.

Special thanks to Daniel for the heads up.