LITERALLY! This is a super pic heavy post, so be prepared for amazing BJJ treats! All the pictures should click to their original homes – if there are any problems, please tell me!

Okay, so there seem to be common themes.One is people:

By sstardust17 from Cake Central

Cake by Crystal3529 on Cake Central

From – their 11/7/11 news

From Myspace of all places

This one is for sale on Etsy for $150

This one focuses only on belts.

Cake from Cake Central by katamisan

Gis are another theme.


From a user on Yelp

Here’s one for an academy

From Jeniffers14 on Cake Central

From The Cake Chic on Flickr

From CoveredInCake on Cake Central

From the website

This was posted over on Sherdog

Cake by LuciesCupcake from Cake Central

Cupcakes by sparkscakes on Cake Central

By blueangel174 from Cake Central

From an abandoned blog of a BJJ purple belt

From by Maria Dunn!

Woo hoo. I love all things jiu jitsu, and having tasty cake plus BJJ = total and complete awesomeness! The only thing even better – cupcakes and armbars!

He he he I made this!

So – any sweet BJJ treats you’ve seen? Have you ever gotten a BJJ birthday cake? Would you want a BJJ wedding cake? DEAR FRIENDS I WANT A BJJ BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE!