Besides the times I’ve had boyfriends, I don’t know that I ever paid so much attention to how I smell.Β  I was a true couch potato before I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and now I’m working out 3-5 days per week. When you are doing nothing but watching television, there’s not exactly a lot of sweat action happening on your end, unless you’re doing it from jumping up and screaming at the end of Sopranos or for an episode cliffhanger like Weeds. Now I sweat all the time and I find I am rediscovering how I smell.

I smell musky! My old soaps don’t seem to work so well anymore, I take WAY more showers than I did, but all that sweating action seems to cut right through the artificial flowery smells from soaps, and even the Dr Bronner’s Peppermint soap smell doesn’t seem to stay. *sigh* By the time I get home and put my gi in the washing machine, it smells like I’ve rolled it in ammonia. GROSS! Also, I find that because I have to hang dry my gi, it will sometimes smell musty even though I *just* washed it. Febreeze has become my friend.

CURSES! I want to smell like hearts and butterflies again! I don’t want to spray on perfume because for me, perfume+bjj=no.

Some of the dudes at my gym are STINKY! From the crap they spray on their knees (like a spray version of Tiger Balm), to some of their stanky gis, they just smell bad. As though they’ve just rolled around on the floor with sweaty dudes. Oh wait… πŸ˜‰

One guy at my gym smells FABULOUS. We were all talking about gi smells and a guy said “Kurt has the BEST SMELLING GI.” and then went on to wax poetic about how he loves rolling with him because of the nice smelling gi. Well, Tuesday I had the opportunity to roll with Kurt, and the other guy was RIGHT! He smelled like hearts and butterflies! OMG! He smelled so good it was distracting. In a very good way.

So apparently the trick is: after you wash & hang dry your gi, put it in a closet with an air freshener. Magically delicious smelling gi will result. I am going to pick mine up this week. MMMMM

What are your tricks to smelling nice?