Last night my coach added the 4th stripe to my belt. Wow–nowhere to go but purple!

I posted the pic to Facebook and my friend left a darling comment that made me smile:

Ah. I thought maybe your belt was coming apart and you had bandaged it together. πŸ™‚

It’s funny how we can get so steeped in Bjj that we don’t realize on any level that others may not understand.

The cool thing was that this promotion came on the heels of a compliment that touched me deeply. One of the white belts asked me to demonstrate an armbar from guard and said he thought mine was really good. He said he feared it when we rolled together.

On some level I was baffled. When people ask what level I’m at they often follow that up with “you must be really good.” My standard reply is “oh, I’m not good. I enjoy it, but I’m not good at it.” I really need to stop being so mentally separated from my abilities. I don’t suck at Jiu Jitsu. I just feel that way, especially compared with where I have to go.

Here’s to surprise external validation of skills you don’t feel you have.