How out of your way will you go for BJJ?

Last night I wanted to go to BJJ class. I found out which metro stop the class was at, I called my friend, but got a bit lost, then my phone died. I only sort of had an idea of where to go, and it was FREEZING, BITINGLY cold, and the cab drivers couldn’t understand me.

So I said the only thing I KNEW I could say: Nakseongdae-yeok. That’s my metro stop for home.

Maybe I should have toughed it out, but the combination of freezing cold, not knowing where to go, the inability to reach anyone, and being unable to communicate was too much for me.

Added to this, I couldn’t afford BJJ this month. I overspent on Christmas cards and postage home and what not. I did not plan well and realized that I had to choose between BJJ and eating. Luckily I did not choose BJJ or I would literally be in the red right now with still 17 days left to go for the month. Poor planning on my part and sending too much money home for loan payments. >_<

So this post is really about: how out of your way do you go for BJJ? How out of your comfort level? If you have to make sacrifices, is it the last thing to go? Would you rather stand in freezing cold trying to find a school or go home? Would you rather spend your money on classes or food? Apparently I’m a wuss and not hardcore at all. Oh well.

What about you?