Okay, after much delay, here is our proposed curriculum for Operation Tattered Belt. Again, this came about when Meg from Tangled Triangle and I decided we wanted to buckle down and focus our training. I know that in my own jiu jitsu journey, I’m at a point where I don’t think my skills have quite caught up with my promotions, and I’d like to push myself more. Overall, by following this curriculum, we’re building a very strong base for our BJJ, focusing on essentials. However, both of us have a bit different goals.

My personal goals are a) to be able to guide a white belt through these particular techniques b) use these techniques during sparring when they arise – not have to stop and think c) be able to execute these techniques against white belts my size or smaller d) show improvement in my before/after videos e) gain confidence in these techniques.

Megan‘s goals are a) Finding the best of bad positions. No more “settling” into positions that are disadvantageous that I’ve gotten used to starting in from drills. b) Quit settling on my back…stay on my side c) End stopping because of blanking. Pauses should be strategic. d) Attain a comprehensive understanding of what I SHOULD know and be competent in as a Blue belt, as opposed to just a list of techniques.

The curriculum is based on Saulo Ribeiro’s book Jiu Jitsu University and Roy Dean’s Blue Belt Requirements app. Below you will find the specific chapters/video names from the book and app. Anything with a number for it indicates the chapters in JJU, and anything in italics indicates a video from BBR.

Although those will be our two major resources, we may independently use other sources to supplement training. The goal is not so much specifically to exhaust those particular resources, but to use them as a point of reference. For example, I may be consulting Andre Galvao’s Drill to Win book, or Passing the Guard, Marcelo’s video vault, or Stephan Kesting’s videos or apps. Whatever is used, my hope is to include reviews on THAT section (not the entire thing) and compare their helpfulness.

The eagle eye will spot that, although we intend this to be for a full year, there are only 10 months below. This is because Megan and I want to give ourselves some room – this could be more time to train something, it could be because of a vacation or holiday, or it could simply be used at the end to review. This gives us wiggle room.

It is Meg’s and my intent to share our observations before and after, although we will be dividing the blogging duties, so while you can read one of our blog posts, reading both will give a larger picture. My breakdown at the end of the month will be focusing on the teacher’s point of view – what I saw us doing or not doing. Meg will be focusing on more of the student’s point of view. Similarly, you can check in here to find out when we’ll be starting and what we’ll be doing for that particular month. This post will serve as an outline – and I will post links to each month’s posts below as they are written.

Please feel fee to join us on our quest. Higher, lower, these should be good techniques for anyone looking to supplement their classes on the mat. Join us publicly or just follow along on our journey!


The Journey IS the Quest

In non-related news – you should totally watch JourneyQuest because it rocks:

November: A month of side control         Here’s Meg’s entry
4.0 Side
8.0 Escaping Side
8.4 Escaping Scarf
Sidemount Escapes
================>My initial assessment, including video

A month of Knee on Belly
5.0 Knee on Belly
9.0 Escaping Knee on Belly

A month of full mount
3.0 Mount
7.0 Escaping Mount
Mount Escapes

A month on the back
1.0 The Back
6.0 Escaping the Back

A month about all fours
2.0 All Fours
6.4 Escaping All Fours

A month of guard passes
Guard Passes

A month of armlocks
10.0 Armbar Escape
14.0 Kimura Escape

A month of chokes
11.0 Triangle Escape
12.0 Guillotine Escape

A month of leglocks
13.0 Footlock Escape

A month of takedowns


So, will you join us?