Welcome to Month 1 of Operation Tattered Belt! November is SIDE CONTROL month! During this month, Megan and I will be focusing on techniques that relate to surviving and escaping side control. Edited to add: Can has decided to join us and teach these techniques to his students. You can read his post here.

How I feel when I’m trapped in side control

The curriculum is based on Saulo Ribeiro’s book Jiu Jitsu University and Roy Dean’s Blue Belt Requirements app. The numbers refer to chapters in JJU; italics refer to BBR.

November’s Side Control Curriculum
4.0 Side
8.0 Escaping Side
8.4 Escaping Scarf
Sidemount Escapes

While other resources ARE useful, JJU and BBR are our main focus. However, here is a great Kurt Osiander video for you. Please note that he is known for “salty” language:


For November, Meg and I plan to do the following. You are welcome to join us for any/all/none of these:

  1. Recording our side control escape techniques at the beginning and end of the month.
  2. Assessing our side control methods at the beginning and end of the month.
  3. Read chapters 4 and 8 in JJU and watch the BBR video, and take notes.
  4. Drill side control escapes and survival, including solo and partner drills.
  5. Focus on our side control escapes and survival in sparring.
  6. Watch for it either by way of Youtube or watching sparring during class.

Megan and I will also be chatting together every week to help support one another, because HONESTLY doing this kind of stuff is mentally taxing. I’m only used to just doing what the teacher says, then going home. So this will be a big change for me, and having a partner in crime will be a huge motivator.

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I <3<3<3 Arrested Development

Will you join us this month? How is your side control? How confident are you in your escapes? Do you rely on the same technique again and again? This is the perfect month to expand your repertoire! Add some moves to your bag of tricks*!

If you have any favorite videos/resources on side escapes/survival, post them below! Please ONLY post ones you’ve personally found extremely helpful.