Wait what? You mean your whole entire life doesn’t revolve solely around jiu jitsu? BLASPHEMER! Life IS jiu jtisu! Except when it’s not.

Entertainment: Books

I absolutely adore young adult fiction as well as fantasy. Combine them and you have my perfect book. I’d been searching for a new LOVE since finishing Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Well, I found two awesome new series! The first is the Mysterious Benedict Society. For those who loved Encyclopedia Brown and the Three Investigators and child geniuses and mysteries and codes – this is the series for you. I was immediately drawn in and I enjoyed the characters, how they interacted, and it was terribly fun. I also absolutely ADORED The Peculiar. It’s a YA book that reads like a nice, adult fantasy novel. The pacing is good, the details are enough to immerse you into the world without dragging down the plot, it has fairies and goblins and awesome everything!

Entertainment: TV

I discovered a new show that I’m crazy about: The Following. You probably don’t know this about me, but I’m crazy about shows revolving around serial killers – from Dexter to Criminal Minds. I also love reading about weird cults. This has both! A serial killer who starts a cult and it stars Kevin Bacon! Amazing! I’m also terribly excited about The Americans. If you loved Little Nikita and underground secret Soviet spies, this is the show for you! Two Soviet operatives posing as Americans. It’s a fun show – plus, they showed a SWEET ARMBAR!


Professional: Job

For the past five years I’ve worked as a teacher trainer, either conducting seminars for teachers or teaching TESOL courses. I decided to get back in the classroom and I’m now teaching Kindergarten for a year! Completely different path for me, especially considering my passion and love is teaching adults. However, I deeply value how much love and affection I receive daily now.

How adorable are they?

How adorable are they?

Pursuits: Acting

So, some exciting news: I’m going to be in the Wizard of Oz! It will be put on in June and I’m part of the ensemble! I was in one other play, and I’m really excited about this. It means my Saturdays are taken up again, but I love that my new schedule has allowed for this to happen. I’ll keep you posted!

Health: Weight

I’m hovering around 153 now. I think I mentioned that after I went to America I gained back the entire 15 lbs I’d spent 20 weeks losing. DOPE! Basically, my body said “whoa whoa whoa – let’s continue where we HAD been” and now I’m legitimately at 153, and have maintained it for a bit now. I have no doubt the rest will come off, but slowly, just as I like it.

Hobby: Kombucha

I am terribly excited that my kombucha factory is up and running! I have an awesome looking SCOBY now and it’s so easy. Today I’m making a new batch – I have 3 containers going now, but my ultimate plan is to have 4. That would mean one gallon per week. My SCOBY is healthy and beautiful!

This is what my new SCOBY looks like

This is what my new SCOBY looks like, with the old one attached under it

SCOBY stands for “Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast” and to make kombucha you simply make sweet tea, let it cool, then add leftover kombucha and the SCOBY, cover and sit for 2 weeks. A new SCOBY forms along the top and sometimes your old one attaches to it. The SCOBY looks scary, but not to worry – it’s a normal part of the fermentation process. Beer, wine, vinegar – all have something similar. But it looks fine in your glass!

Yummy kombucha!

Yummy kombucha!

I’ve been experimenting with adding lemon and raspberry and the results are amazing. I love it. If you hate the taste of vinegar, this is not the drink for you.

Hobby: Cross Stitching

I’ve been doing it a bit more. I found a company I absolutely love that’s based in France. They’re called Nimue and they make wonderful designs. Here’s the one I’m working on:

Gaewen by Nimue

Gaewen by Nimue

I learned to cross stitch over 25 years ago. It’s still one of my very favorite hobbies. Very relaxing and it scratches my itch for attempting to achieve perfection. I ordered their amazing Alice in Wonderland Carousel. (To be clear, I did NOT cross stitch this. The image is from their website)

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!

Self Improvement: 30 Day Challenges

My new friend Pamila has positively impacted my life. She would do 30 day challenges with her students. I decided to do this for myself. Last month my goal was documenting money, exercise and meditation. This month it is in bed by midnight M-F, and to do a mindful meditation a minimum of 10 minutes daily. I love this challenge and it’s achievable. I am working with a friend of mine to help give us accountability and it’s exciting.

How about you? I’m interested to find out something non-jiu jitsu about you, especially if you’re someone I’ve been interacting with a while. No worries, I’ll get back to bjj content momentarily, but for now, let’s bond as people who do jiu jitsu rather than jiu jitsu folks bonding over jiu jitsu.