That’s right – we have a BJJ holiday coming up. Wear your gi to work, make sure your patches are showing – all on September 27th.

Okay, so that’s not really a thing. I was thinking about holidays and what would be a good BJJ holiday.

On Facebook there’s a group called Jiu Jitsu Instructor Appreciation Day – July 20th.

I found an article called “Training Partner Appreciation Day” – April 4th.

Here are some other suggestions:

BJJ Proselytism Day – October 10th. On this day you try to get all your friends and coworkers to do BJJ! Pimp out our lovely sport and start converting people around you!

Bring Your Kid to BJJ Day – June 29th. Introduce your child to the magic of jiu jitsu. Oh wait – if you’re super into BJJ you’ve probably already done this. Hmmm.

Bring Your Spouse to BJJ Day – June 30th. Help them stop being a WAG/HAB and start being a jiu jitsuka! Convert your partner and bring them to the dark side!

Wear Your Belt to Work Day – May 19th. Show off your belt with pride. Wear it over your regular clothes.

National Rash Guard Day – July 7th. Just in time for the summer, wear your favorite rash guard instead of a t-shirt or business shirt. When asked why, you can hand them your BJJ gym’s business card and invite them to class.

National Choke-Your-Friend Day – January 12th. On this day, show how effective jiu jitsu is by rounding up as many chokes as you can. Choke your friends and coworkers!

Perfect time to wear this. Click on the pic to buy the shirt.

It’s POSSIBLE that my holiday ideas are not ideal, so what are some of yours?