Holy cow! You guys made my blog a really wonderful space in February.

Cue drumroll please! CONGRATULATIONS to SUMOCHRIS for winning February’s comment contest!!

You guys are freaking amazing. In January, the top commenter only had 6 comments. Sumochris had 44 with etali as the first runner up with 35. Wow!! Thank you all SO MUCH!

Sumochris – please check your inbox. I will give instructions on how you can redeem your prize! A free pair of spats courtesy of OK! Kimonos! OK! Kimonos freaking ROCKED THE BOAT for donating this. Thank you SO MUCH.

March’s commenting contest has ALREADY BEGUN!

March’s Prize: A FREE BJJ APP!

March’s comment contest is sponsored by jiujiubjj.com!

The winner of the commenting contest in March will win a free iPhone or iPad app* up to a $25.99 value. This means you can get a really cool Roy Dean app, or a great Grapple Arts app, a Roy Harris app, or any other app you’d like.


*iPhone and iPad are the simplest – I can “gift” an app. If you are the winner and you have an Android or some other thing, let’s figure it out then – but still, the idea is the same – virtual gift, no more than a $25.99 value.

How Can I Win a Free BJJ App?

Comment and win! The person at the end of the month who has commented the most will win a free BJJ App. Once again, the goal is contributing to a discussion based community, comments amounting to Facebook “likes” or Google Plus +1’s will not be counted toward the totals.  In the case of a tie, I will look at the quality of comments and choose based on that.

Win by Contributing to a Wonderful BJJ Discussion Space!

You guys are what makes this space somewhere I love going to. It also means that I’m more prompted to post high quality, discussion-rich posts.

  • To enter: comment directly on blog posts on jiujiubjj.com or reply to comments.
  • Any article on jiujiubjj.com with comments enabled is eligible for this contest.
  • Comments should further the conversation as opposed to being a +1 or “like”.
  • Suggestion: Subscribe to articles you respond to so you can read replies!
  • The person with the highest number of “content” comments will receive a free BJJ app, donated by jiujiubjj.com!
  • Deadline: Midnight March 31, 2014, Seoul time. 10:00 am EST on US time!

March should be an awesome month for this! You guys stunned and impressed me, and it was really cool to see. If you’ve not commented before, please make sure to read the comment policy (the golden rule is: play nice!). If you’re delurking, your first comment(s) will be in the moderation queue and I will have to manually approve them. Once you’ve been approved, your comments are auto-approved. Enjoy, discuss, and good luck!

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Which apps have you been eyeballing? Which apps have you been thrilled to purchase? Any topics you’d like covered in March?