Ray Elbe told me he likes to update his blog 3x per day. o_O That said, he also told me that he mostly makes cupcakes, not cakes. For him, a cupcake is a small, not much thought into it, shoot it off quickly post. A cake is something that he has put time and energy into. Mostly I’ve been baking cakes on this website, but I thought I’d throw out a few more cupcakes.

Hemingway is attributed to writing a 6 word novel (snopes article here!)

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

True or not, it’s a really cool idea. There are websites dedicated to the 6 word memoir, 6 word stories, and English (especially English as a Second/Foreign Language) teachers love it as well. I have used this in my EFL classes in Ukraine. In one class I had students take a topic (travel) and summarize it in 6 words.

See the world – my life’s dream.

I also had my students invent a movie and create a movie poster. They had to summarize the movie in 6 words and use that on the poster. One was a comedy starring Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Luke Perry, and Matthew Mcconaughey called Glamour. Their 6 word summary: Village glamour – is it even possible?

So now I task you: summarize jiu jitsu in 6 words. Here are the rules:

  • Use exactly 6 words.
  • Every single word counts, including “a”, “the”, etc. “Jiu Jitsu” is two words.
  • It can be 6 adjectives. It can be one full sentence. The sentence structure doesn’t matter – only the number of words.
  • It can summarize all of jiu jitsu, your journey, yourself as a grappler, etc.
  • You can write more than one. 🙂 The more the merrier.

Here’s one of my cracks at it:

More addictive than is probably healthy.

Your turn! Summarize jiu jitsu in 6 words! Let’s make it into a contest. The two favorites will win SOMETHING from me – 1) My favorite and 2) Reader voted favorite. It will be small and it will be mailed to you. Contest will end Monday, Feb 13 at midnight (my time in Korea), then the voting will begin.